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Published May 08 2020 in A Perfect 14, Cherry Velvet, Elly Mayday, Kerosene Deluxe, Paper dolls, plus size

It's no fake news that the Plus Size industry has had its share of criticisms and judgment. As a brand dedicated to size inclusivity, we at Cherry Velvet were very honoured to be a part of a fascinating documentary called, “A Perfect 14”. #flashbackfriday #7yearsago

Perfect 14

If you happen to catch it, you may see some familiar faces – Both Diane (our designer) & Logan (our Art Director) are featured, as the documentary's crew covered several of our photoshoots. Two of their main subjects were some of our first models – Elly Mayday and Kerosene Deluxe.

These wonderful girls have been representing plus-sized women and inspiring us for years. They were even the inspiration behind two of our classic paper dolls!

Elly Mayday

If you haven't heard of Elly Mayday, her story is a bittersweet, yet inspiring journey. If you're new to Elly, we've featured her in our blog before - you can click here for that post. We've even had a dress named after her!

Elly Mayday paper dollElly Mayday

Kerosene Deluxe

This alt-fashion bombshell has been internationally featured in many magazines, ads and fashion shows. She believes in promoting beauty through diversity, and has traveled the world campaigning for self love and human rights.

Kerosene Deluxe paper dollKerosene Deluxe for Cherry Velvet

Do you love these? If you missed it, our other classic paper dolls (and new pin-up colouring pages) are all available here!

Elly Mayday paper dollKerosene Deluxe paper doll

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the inspiration for our paper dolls!

A Perfect 14 is available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other video services. If you give it a watch, try to spot Diane and Logan on it as well as many of our dresses.

XOX Cherry Velvet


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