Did you recently win a Cherry Velvet contest? Well... Congratulations, you lucky duck! 
Before you begin celebrating and telling the world of your good fortune, we'd like to kindly ask that you read over our 3 contest guideline steps (listed below) in order to ensure eligibility!

1) All contest winners must claim their awarded prize within 30 days of the contest winner announcement. Due to the varying privacy restrictions of social media sites like Facebook, we will announce the winner on all of our social media channels and, if possible, tag the winner on that announcement. We will attempt to message the winner directly, however, depending on the winner's social media privacy settings, we can not guarantee successful delivery of this message.

2) Along with your contact and shipping information, if your prize is a free dress, we also require you to email us your dress measurements to For best results, please refer to our Fit Guide on where and how to measure for our dresses.

3) We do not offer returns or exchanges on prizes. Due to increasing shipping costs, we cannot accept returns on prizes and/or giveaways, so please measure carefully! Feel free to call (604-683-9279) or email us if you're unsure on sizing.

You made it through all 3 steps! Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? :)

Follow the simple steps listed above and we'll have your special delivery shipped out faster than you can say Retro Class with Modern Sass!