Meet the Designer


cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy

Hi I'm Diane and I love dresses! I know that like me, women of all sizes want to feel cute, sexy and comfortable. That’s why I choose the most adorable prints that I can find, and then spend an enormous amount of time fitting my dresses on a diverse spectrum of body types, so that the final product fits like it’s been custom made, just for you.

Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy

With over 40 years of experience fitting women, I truly understand how to make clothes that fit and flatter the curves of a woman's body. The proper fit makes all the difference. I want you to look and feel good in my dresses! That's why I make sure to add those extra touches like designs that cover up bra straps and generous pockets in every dress.

“I truly feel like I’ve done my job well when a curvy girl finds THE dress, and her face lights up when she sees how perfectly it fits, and how beautiful she looks,” says Diane, the designer, and dreamer behind Cherry Velvet.

 Always very hands-on, I’ve chosen to remain an integral part of the entire process from design, through patternmaking, sizing, and production. The mindset of "quality over quantity" is important to me, and has been since the beginning. I've always wanted to keep my production local and Made in Canada, despite the options to go overseas.

 Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy

I've accepted that I would never be a huge company because there are no massive profits in doing business ethically in terms of people and quality. I work directly with our local factories to ensure that the workers are paid fair wages and support our local suppliers. This is Slow Fashion.

As a small women-owned business I am proud of the way I do business. The clothes I make stand the test of time, indeed there is a secondary market for my 'pre-loved dresses'. I am proud that this is one of the most environmentally conscious features of our dresses. Our dresses are completely Made in Canada, they're designed, sold, and shipped from beautiful British Columbia. Our ethical creation process is a defining element of the company.

I hope my dresses make you feel beautiful and bring you the comfort and lasting quality you deserve. These are dresses I feel good about wearing myself... and sharing with you.