Welcome to the 20's (again!)

The new decade is here! We’ve made it through the early 2000’s, with all its low-rise jeans; and then came the 2010’s, with “athleisure” for the masses. Now that we’re in the new 20’s, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what iconic fashion was going on in the 1920’s, and think about what this decade might bring.

This post-WWI era of economic prosperity was full of exciting new things: Jazz, art deco, feminism, and flappers! The word, which originally meant “young prostitute” in the mid 1600s and sometimes “lively teenager” in the 1890s, was adopted for these fashionable women. They earned the right to vote, they would wear more make-up than before, drive, smoke and have casual sex. They would even visit speakeasies and – gasp – drink alcohol! No wonder they called it the “Roaring Twenties”!

Flapper carrying a flask

Can’t prohibit this girl from anything!

The '20s were revolutionary in terms of fashion. When compared to the previous Edwardian era of tight restrictive corsets, petticoats and full-length dresses, it was nothing short of scandalous: women started baring their arms, shoulders and legs. The new frocks sometimes covered little more than and old-fashioned girdle; a moral uproar to the conservative older women.

Flapper clothing 1920's outfits

Outfits were boxy and loose with a dropped waist and boyish silhouette. Hair was cut short. Women now demanded comfort and practicality. With the iconic cloche hats on almost every flapper’s head, an overall relaxed yet glamorous fashion marked the era.

Women and man on ship in the 20s wearing cloche hats
Knees out, cigarettes in hand, cloche hats tight!

In the new ’20s, we enjoy the freedom to dress however we like, and fashion offers more possibilities than ever. If there are some things we can learn from the ladies of the ’20s, it’s that comfort does not negate glamour!

Up until now, Cherry Velvet has mostly been inspired by the 1940s and '50s, but later this spring you may find some '20s inspiration as we explore a new decade in fashion.

We will soon be looking for your feedback as we evolve our designs.

Look forward to a very exciting 2020 with us!

XOX Cherry Velvet

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Stephanie Rempel

I now own four beautiful CV dresses and LOVE the quality of the fabric and flattering cut… looking forward to more

January 21, 2020 at 13:40pm

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