The Snow Family: A "Cherry" Tale (Part 2)

A couple blogs ago, we introduced you to a family that's been a regular fixture at our studio since our first in Gastown so many moons ago!

Brandi Snow recently took home her 47th dress and we had a chance to gather some of her thoughts about our dresses and how they fit into her lifestyle and allow her to express herself. 

Brandi Snow Coffee Dress

When/Where do you wear our dresses?

I mainly switched to dresses as my primary clothing option because it was convenient in the morning. The idea of getting my clothes ready the night before was not an appealing option for me. Rather than turning the lights on in the morning and disturbing my husband just to find matching pants & tops, I can just grab a dress and dark leggings (if the weather was colder) – After a while, I ended up wearing dresses most weekends as well because they were comfortable!

We love that you find dresses more convenient than having to pair separates - we totally agree! The last thing we need is fussy fashion, right?

Your dresses are super comfortable, they're fun, and have pockets – which means I can throw my phone in a pocket and go. They are appropriate for work, can be worn casually on weekends, and dressed up for fancier occasions. I’ve ended up loving Cherry Velvet and having them take over my closet!

Brandi Snow High Tea

How did you discover us?

We found Cherry Velvet quite by chance at The 2014 Taboo Naughty but Nice Trade Show in Vancouver. At the time, I was in my late thirties, post-kid. Finding clothing that I liked at that time was not always an easy task – I no longer wanted something I would have worn as a teenager or in my twenties and I certainly did not want to shop anywhere that had clothing for people my mother’s age (no offense to my mom or people in her generation intended!) There didn’t seem to be a lot in between until I found CV. We weren't looking for dresses at the show, but was pleasantly surprised; the dresses were fun and cute, but also classic.

Studio Dresses Mannequin

So what made you keep coming back to us? ;)

Five years after finding Cherry Velvet, you probably account for 95% of what’s in my closet. I love the diversity in your dresses - loud/bright/bold or reserved/understated – whatever your personality, mood, or the occasion, there is a Cherry Velvet dress to match! The consistent styles make future purchases easier as I know what size to purchase and how the dress will fit.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get complimented on one of your dresses. While some of the dresses are more geared towards one season, most of the dresses can be worn year round, often with the help of a cardigan, which means I get more wear out of them and don’t have to bother storing away clothing, to be reorganized into my closet every winter or summer depending upon the season.

We love to keep you practical & pretty, year 'round! ♥️

Brandi Snow Tulips

Here's a delicate one and we appreciate your honesty...We receive some feedback regarding our prices once and awhile - Has our price range ever deterred you?

Not sure if it was age, having a kid, or just becoming more knowledgeable as a whole, but when I discovered your dresses, I was at a time in my life where I started wanting to be more aware of what I was spending money on and actually using my dollars to support things that I believe in.

Purchasing from Cherry Velvet allows me to spend money on values that are important to me – You are a local small business; your dresses are well made and they have a huge focus on employee sustainability, diversity, and living wages. All the while, because the dresses are retro I can wear them for years without adding cheap, poorly made clothes to the land fill.

Why wouldn’t I purchase a dress that I love that I can wear for five+ years?

Snow Family Forest


We're positively blushing at everything Brandi shared with us and are absolutely humbled by her devotion! We love that our customers appreciate the detail & care that goes into every one of our garments. 


How do our dresses make YOU feel? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line! 

 XOX Cherry Velvet


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