That Gleam In Her Eye...

As a proudly Canadian company, we love working with local brands and businesses that exemplify the level of care & quality that we maintain ourselves.

...So...that being said...

...have you met Pam? ♥️

Pam of Mirror Mirror Bijoux

She's the lovely face & talented hands of Mirror Mirror Bijoux, a well-known local jewellery designer here in Vancouver, BC and an overall entrepreneurial force.

She also loves our dresses 😘 (She's Team Chrissy!)

Pam's Closet

Under MMB, she designs and handmakes vintage-inspired jewellery that echoes old Hollywood glamour. Primarily working in crystal and glass, she adds elegant detail like ethereal finishes that sparkle like the night's sky. 

She’ll often also incorporate real vintage beads or brooches into her pieces, giving that legit Vintage vibe.

Mercury glass Tiffany Atomic Necklaces

CV Aficionados will be quite familiar with her & MMB, we not only carry her jewellery, including exclusive pieces, but she sometimes drops by our events...

...and often pops in to collaborate with our designer, on the next beautiful baubles to go with our dresses. 

Whenever they meet, they pour over a multitude of beads and pendants, to create complementary pieces that add versatility and flair to our clients' wardrobe. 
Amethyst Sparkle WIP

Amethyst Sparkle

Recently, she's branched out to save us all from the worst thing imaginable...A bad hair day!
Have you tried a Great Hair Day Turband? We have!

White Turband

They're easy-to-wear, insta-wow accessories for those days when a ponytail or plain ol' hat simply won't do.

Want to try one? Pam will be on hand at our next studio shop weekend @ 1635 Powell Street with a variety to try!  

Friday :: July 5th :: 2pm-7pm 
Saturday :: July 6th :: 11am-5pm 

We hope you enjoyed this little spotlight on one of our favourite local entrepreneurs.
We think it's so important to support our fellow #womeninbusiness ♥️

XOX Cherry Velvet


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