The Snow Family: A "Cherry" Tale (Part 1)

In the many years that we have been in operations here in beautiful Vancouver, BC, we've watched our customers come and grow into an enthusiastic, body positive community. 

Feeling so blessed to have such wonderful people supporting us, we wanted to take a moment or two to recognize one such family, who have been delighting us at our studio with their excitement and charm since 2014.

May we present to you, The Snow Family.

Science Shirt and Retro Dress Family

You might recognize Jon, the provocative patriarch, as our erstwhile model for our Men's line of shirts...

Cocktail Print Mens Shirt

But the real Belle of the Ball is the buxom and beautiful, Brandi Snow. 

Tea Cup Print Retro Dress Plus Size

...And of course, we cannot forget our "Littlest Velvet", Miss Isobel!

Adaline Cats Retro Dress

Even though we don't offer Girls' sizes, we love that Isobel can't get enough of our styles.
It warms our heart to see how much she loves to match with her mum & dad. 

Dinosaur Dress Mens Shirt

But it touches us even more than she's always the first to our door, so eager to help out the team. We love our little Hanger-wrangler! With fashion on her mind, we may have a young designer in our midst... 

Cherry Velvet Dresses Patterns

We love that each member actually has their own favourite look -

Of course Jon loves all our Mens' shirts, but as a lover of all things V, the Chrissy & Marie are Jon's fave dresses (who doesn't love adjustable cleavage?) Both Isobel and Brandi are currently Team Brigitte, with our Pandamonium Print on point.

Panda Print Retro Dress

But Brandi admits that she will always have a fond place her in heart for one of her first styles (and one of our earlier designs), a little number named, "Melody". 

Tea Cup Retro Dress Mad Hatter Tea Party

We think it's so neat that Jon was able to send us this old snap from a past Studio Shop way back at our old Gastown location. 

...Could this have been the very moment she decided to say "Yes" to the Dress? ;)

Stay tuned! In next week's blog, Brandi shares her thoughts on aging gracefully and why 95% of her wardrobe is Cherry Velvet dresses! <3

XOX Cherry Velvet

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