The Rainbow Connection

Have you ever wondered how we choose the fabulous fabrics for Cherry Velvet dresses? Back when our team shared a large, open office space, we used to gather around the computer and discuss the pros and cons of various prints. Diane, our designer, would show everyone a selection of options, and then the fun would begin. We would vote and debate and decide on the best of the best.

Remember our Pixel Party dress? It happened because of one of these informal meetings! Diane had passed right on by the online image, but everyone else in the office was wowed by this funky fabric. It so happened it sold out in a blink of an eye!

Cherry Velvet Doris dress in Pixel Party
Kim, who handled social media for us before moving to the Okanagan, once mentioned that her top choices were prints with the full colour spectrum. It's a suggestion that we're grateful for, because those colourful rainbow designs have become some of our most popular options. Diane admits that she wasn’t really into them at first, but oh my, they have sure grown on her! Not only are they very popular and sell extremely well, Diane has also discovered how fun they are to accessorize. With so many choices of colours, the possibilities are endless.

Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy wears the Norma dress in Aura Luna

There's a wonderful added benefit to our rainbow prints; as well as looking amazing - they show support for our LGBTQ+ friends and customers. These multi-hued dresses represent love and acceptance, and we're proud to be part of that message.

Cherry Velvet Isobel Dress in Hex Appeal
Then there's the sheer joy that comes with an explosion of colour. How can you not smile when you're wearing a rainbow? We've seen first-hand that brilliant, pretty shades make you and everyone around you happier. We believe that getting dressed should be a joyous thing, and we sincerely hope that our dresses brighten your day.
Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy wears a rainbow travel dress

XOX Cherry Velvet

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