Cherry Velvet: Buy, Sell and Trade

Published Oct 03 2023 in #canadianfashion, #cherryvelvet, #cottondresses, #ethicalfashion

We heard you and it took some time but we are excited to announce that we finally launched a 'Buy, Sell and Trade' group on Facebook

This group was started by popular demand we've received feedback from customers looking for a community of like-minded individuals eager to find somewhere to sell or trade their Cherry Velvet dresses they no longer fit or wear but also those looking for past styles to add to their collection.

We take so much pride in our dresses' longevity and want people to enjoy them for years to come. What better and more eco-friendly way than to trade or sell them? What's no longer new to you could be to someone else!

The group can be joined by sending a request directly on the page itself. We've decided to do it this way to keep spam and scammers at bay and to have a positive group of folks who share a similar style.

So if that sounds like you, we'd love to see you there!

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