Bonjour Emily in Paris!

The new Cherry Velvet Emily dress as inspired by Emily in ParisWhile watching the new season of Emily in Paris earlier this year, I spotted Emily wearing an adorable, white and red rose halter dress and a matching cherry necklace. What better inspiration for a new Cherry Velvet style could there be?!

Here's how it happened...

The new Cherry Velvet Emily dress as inspired by Emily in Paris
It all started by making the pattern inspired by the version Emily wore. Our Cherry Velvet version had to incorporate larger bust darts into the bodice as per our usual fit. Here's my first mini mock-up of the bust, that included the proper shaping, just to get a sense of how it would look. The front panels are also cut on the bias and some discreet elastic along the back was incorporated as well. There were several rounds of samples and fit testing to get everything just right. This is our first true halter dress style, something we’ve never done before! 

The next step was to search out the fabrics. And we found some adorable and unique choices suitable for a fresh summer dress:Cherry Velvet Emily dress printsI was so thrilled to find a beautiful red roses on white print that also incorporated a Paris theme. You’ll find scrollwork, music, script, birds, Paris stamps and the unexpected; vintage hot air balloons. Such a beautiful and detailed print that's a tribute to the City of Love! 

100% cotton fabric print for the new Emily in Paris inspired dress by Cherry Velvet
It’s always exciting when the boxes of new dresses arrive from the factory; when you pull the dresses out of the packaging and see them for this first time! Then of course planning a photo shoot so that we can get the dresses ready for you to see. This is Kerosene wearing the Emily 'Bonjour Bombshell" dress.

Kerosene Deluxe wearing a Cherry Velvet Emily dressI’m so thrilled with how the Emily Halter dress turned out and have already worn mine out on a date for a picnic at the beach :) This shot (below) was taken near Jericho Beach in Vancouver, BC.

Cherry Velvet designer, Diane Kennedy wears the Emily dress inspired by Emily in ParisThis is me being "Very Cherry"! "My Cherry Amour" Emily dress, purse, Cherry D'or necklace and even cherry perfume! 

Fit Notes!

I know many of you mentioned not liking how tight a halter feels on your neck. But I’d like to point out that really it's your bra's job to hold up your girls. The straps are just to hold up the bodice of the dress. (Not your boobs!) So take a moment to tie the straps comfortably and not too tight around your neck. I can tell you that if you tie it like this, it won’t bother your neck.

Happy frocktastic summer!

XOX Diane

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