The Spiced Cherry Sizzle - Cocktail Recipe

A couple Christmases ago, our office mixologist, Logan, created this delightful cocktail and we just had to share it with you all again. We think it's the perfect holiday drink with all the sass & class that everyone expects from Cherry Velvet.

The Spiced Cherry Sizzle - 1


  • 1oz Vodka 1/3oz Fireball (Cinnamon Whisky)
  • 1oz Cherry Brandy
  • 1/3oz Maraschino Cherry Syrup
  • 2oz Club Soda
  • 1x Maraschino Cherry (as garnish)

The Spiced Cherry Sizzle - 2

Required glassware/tools:

  • Champagne Saucer (sub for martini glass)
  • Cocktail Shaker with Strainer Shot Glass (for measuring)
  • Metal Garnish Skewer (mini sword)
  • Crushed Ice

The Spiced Cherry Sizzle - 3


  1. Combine Vodka, Fireball and Crushed Ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake until cold (5-8 seconds).
  2. Strain mixture into glass.
  3. Combine Cherry Brandy and Maraschino Cherry Syrup into the shaker (no ice). Swirl to combine (5-8 seconds).
  4. Pour mixture (slowly) into a glass.
  5. Top with Club Soda.
  6. Garnish with a skewered Maraschino Cherry.

The Spiced Cherry Sizzle - 4

We hope you enjoy it...we sure did! 

XOX Cherry Velvet

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