The Glow (and Glitter!) of Inspiration

Have you ever wondered how we dream up the looks you love? While inspiration can come from just about anywhere, one really obvious way to find fresh ideas for our accessory catalogue is to coordinate our jewelry with our dress prints. Our new “secret garden” collection features florals, keys, and birds, and these gorgeous fabrics gave me the idea for a new line of charm-style necklaces.

Sketches of new Cherry velvet necklace designs
The design process for these necklaces and earrings began with drawing my ideas out on paper. Then I sat down with Pam from Mirror Mirror Bijoux and combed through her stash of treasures. Together, we choose charms and beads from her boxes, coordinating colours with fabric swatches. It was so much fun making these ideas come to life!

Each unique and stunning necklace was specifically designed alongside one of our beautiful prints, but was also created to be striking and lovely in its own right. We want you to enjoy wearing your new jewelry with other outfits, too. All our charm sets compliment their inspiration dresses, but we intentionally made them not too "matchy-matchy".

Secret Garden Necklace Set

Cherry velvet necklace designsDesigned with our Secret Keeper and Petal Perfume dresses in mind, this set sparkles in vibrant shades of violet and fuchsia. Gold highlights on the necklace and matching earrings connect with the bejeweled keys on the print, adding a regal touch to this gorgeously versatile jewelry.

Love Lock Necklace Set
Cherry velvet necklace designs
With its antique-style padlock and keys, this whimsical combination will surely "charm" you! Crystals in pale pink, passionate purple, and brilliant blue were chosen to coordinate with our lovely Aerial Mingle dress, but will also bring out the beautiful colours in so many outfits.

Peacock Mystique
Cherry velvet necklace designs
Just like our Pretty in Plumage dress, this set was made to dazzle! The spectacular hues of peacock feathers are echoed in beads that shimmer with shades of chartreuse and turquoise, grounded with classic black and gold. Whether you wear the set together or choose only the earrings or the necklace to accessorize an outfit, you'll be ready to strut your stuff.

Cherry Luck Charm
Cherry velvet necklace designs
We reached back into the archives to find inspiration for this classic look. Our Good Luck Tattoo print dates back to our first year in business, and this coordinated set is here to reminisce and celebrate ten years of retro class with modern sass! Of course, cherry charms were a must, and are perfectly mixed with a crown, a key, and a horseshoe. Let this sweet necklace serve as a reminder: you're a queen whose good luck allows you to unlock all the best things in life.

We couldn't wait to release these sparkling sets and the dresses that inspired them. Have a look at all our new necklaces here.

We love to see your photos and discover all the beautiful outfits you'll create. Remember to tag your photos with #cherryvelvet so we get to see them too!

XOX Cherry Velvet

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