Smokey Eye Tutorial

All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, and while everyone's first thoughts are the costumes there is a small detail that plays a huge part in creating a complete look...The makeup!

The options are limitless and with so many makeup styles to pick from the choice can be overwhelming. But there has been one look that stood the test of time, the Smokey Eye.

Louise Brooks 1920's smokey eye
First gaining popularity on the 1920's big screen, the smokey eye was used for it's density in tone translating well on black & white film. Since then it has been worn on runways, in various subcultures and on a day to day bases for those loving the smoldering look.

Today's smokey eye has many variations, dark with predominantly black for an edgy look or softer versions using earth tones for day time. We've also seen Halo eyes as a popular option for those wanting to play around with hues and depth.

But this tutorial is all about a classic smokey eye; super versatile and suitable for so many looks!
Film Noir, Goth, Pirate or just one hot mysterious mama (or papa) makeup is for all! You can count on this version to look incredible on everyone. And remember, you can substitute the black eye-shadow for softer shades such as mauves or browns if black feels too intimidating. 

Here's what you need:

Beauty products to create the smokey eye look

1.  Eyeshadow primer
2.  A khol eyeliner pencil (preferably black but you could use a dark brown or deep plum too)
3.  Eye-shadows (a neutral light shade, a mid tone /bronzer for your
transition colour and your darkest shade such as black or dark brown)
4.  Black mascara,
5.  Brushes (smudger brush, packing brush, fluffy crease brush)
6.  False eyelashes + lash glue (this step is totally optional)

Let's get started!


Steps to create the smokey eye look1: Prep your eyelid with an eye shadow primer (such as Primer Potion by Urban Decay)
This will ensure longevity, fuller colour saturation and prevent creasing.

2: Using a soft fluffy crease brush apply a transition shade into the crease. I personally use a matte bronzer but feel free to use any shadow a couple of shades up from your skin tone. A transition shade will help your dark shadow blend seamlessly and less patchy.

3: Apply a black waterproof eye pencil all over your eyelid. Don't worry if it looks messy, you will smudge it out in the next step. Make sure to work fast as waterproof pencils will set in 30 seconds or so and blending will be super hard after! It's not necessary to use a waterproof pencil, but it does last longer and prevents creasing throughout the day. I used 'Point Made' gel liner pencil from One/Size but use any you like!
Make sure to colour in between your lashline to avoid 'gaps'.

4: Time to smudge it all out! Use your 'packing' brush (a flatter, denser brush) to blend the liner all over your lid and towards your crease

5: Load your packing brush with matte black eye shadow (or any other dark matte colour you prefer. I used 'Black Magic' from True Fiction Cosmetics, an excellent Vancouver brand) and in pressing motions (don't 'sweep' your brush back and forward) apply the shadow over your lid and work it into the crease.

6: Let's soften those edges. Take a fluffy crease brush and gently buff out the eye shadow in the crease. I suggest small circular motions. Blending is your best friend here! Feel free to add more eye shadow to build your colour saturation. Remember to use 'packing/pressing' motions to apply and buffing to blend.

7: Line your lower lash and waterline. Then take a small smudging brush and smudge it out.
Make sure the bottom shadow connects to the top.
Apply your dark shadow using the same small brush, gently blend.
TIP: If you are finding your edges too harsh take a clean brush with a powder foundation and gently blend along the edges to diffuse.

8: Apply black mascara to your bottom and top lashes
If you want to elevate the look apply fake lashes

And voila! You are ready to rule the night you mysterious vixen you!

Model Kerosene Deluxe show us how to create the Smokey Eye

Bonus Tips:

~ I strongly recommend applying your foundation/concealer AFTER doing your eyes. That way any fall out and mess can easily be cleaned up without ruining your base.

~ If you want to give it a little extra pizzazz, take a sparkle/glitter eye shadow (liquid or powder) and press in on the center of your eyelid using your finger. This will give the look a bit more depth and some sparkle is always good.

~ Always trim the length of your false lashes before applying. If you find falsies uncomfortable try cutting them in half and just wearing a half lash.

And that's how it's done! We love to hear from you! Please feel free to share our blogs with others on social media and don't forget to comment with your thoughts and suggestions for other tutorials. 

XOX Kerosene Deluxe

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