NEW DRESS ALERT! :: Introducing The Leanne

May me introduce you to our freshest creation... The cool, new girl in town... 
Welcome our latest dress - The Leanne!

We've named her after one of our most committed (and tall!) customers :)

Customer Leanne with many dresses at Cherry Velvet
Leanne has photos of all her Cherry Velvet prints in her phone. Isn't that smart!

As always, it was of the utmost importance for us to design a frock that flatters. That’s why our designer, Diane, always makes 2 different patterns for each style; one for regular sizes, as well as one for plus sizes. This ensures the scaling is a perfect fit for every size.

With this design, we aimed to create a new classic. We wanted a dress that is the ideal canvas to feature new, exciting (and most importantly, beautiful) prints. A look that’s a crowd pleaser. Gorgeous garb with new, BIGGER pockets.

Can we all get a hell YAY!?

Dress with pockets meme

In this first release of The Leanne, we picked some wonderful prints that had our hearts fluttering in excitement. We’re sure there’s a print that will make your heart flutter, too!

To demonstrate its beauty, we created these simulated images - These frocks are still factory-fresh and have not had the pleasure of having their own photoshoot yet.

Let's begin with our "Infinity & Beyond" print. Space themes have always been highly requested, and galaxies are both beautiful and awe-inspiring. It's no wonder this subject seems to captivate so many; We're all made of stardust, after all.

Leanne dress in Infinity & Beyond by Cherry Velvet

From the highest height of space, to the deepest depths of our wonderous ocean, we present our "To Dive For" print! This look is all about the unique vastness under the sea, featuring beautiful reefs and colourful marine life.

Leanne dress in To Dive For by Cherry Velvet

Some would say this print reminds them of the classic Windows 2000 screensaver. Points for nostalgia!

Looking for something sweeter? When you set your eyes on our "You're My Jam", which is a classic "strawberries on the vine" print, you can practically smell the Smuckers! Don it, and it dawns on you; the thought of picnics in the sunlight, daisy chains and decadent fruit pies cooling on a windowsill.

Leanne dress in You're My Jam by Cherry Velvet
...At last (but not least), our two final offerings:

Full of tropical treasures; these vibrant themes will bring summer fun with you, wherever you go. BUT! These two beauties are still unnamed, so make sure you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram, and participate in our popular, upcoming "Name That Print" contests!

Leanne dress with Tiki Cocktail Cups print by Cherry Velvet

 Leanne dress with tropical birds print by Cherry Velvet

We hope you love our Leanne dress, as much as we love Leanne, herself. ❤️
It was our pleasure to announce this dress with prints it will come in and we hope this teaser has tickled your fancy!

The Leanne is available online right now - click here to see it!

Come try it on at our next Studio Shop:

Friday, March 6th - 2pm to 7pm
Saturday, March 7th - 11am 5pm

XOX Cherry Velvet

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