Cherry Velvet and Fluevog - The Perfect Pair

"One of the best compliments I've ever received was from my customer telling me she has a ton of Fluevogs, but even more of my dresses" ~ Diane Kennedy, designer

And what a collection our client, Jacqueline has!

Cherry Velvet Dresses and Fluevog Shoes

It has been a long-held truth for many Cherry Velvet dress collectors that nothing really goes better with our unique dresses than a pair of Fluevog shoes. We like to think there is nothing so loyal as a Cherry Velvet/Fluevog client. They go together like gin & tonic, peanut butter & jelly or a cup & saucer - You get the idea. ;) 

Over the years, many of our clients have brought their Fluevog shoes with them when they come dress shopping in our Studio. There have been many happy discussions about which shoes go with which dress.

Diane Kennedy and Cherry Velvet Collector

We're blown away by this fabulous photo sent to us by our customer Jacqueline.

She's laid out all her dresses in a rainbow -
There was some question about how many there actually were but the final tally is 50 dresses!

Cherry Velvet Dress Collection

Jacqueline has her own unique approach to her dress/shoe collaborations. She prefers to pick one perfect combination of matching shoes and dress that she wears more exclusively together. Of course, some dresses have more than one perfect shoe match; But the choices are always fluid, never static.

Cherry Velvet Dress ad Fluevog Pairings

Can we just say wow! What a work of art this photo is!

Also known as @_cuddlefish_ on Instagram, she has an undeniable eye for colour and detail. Check out her lovely IG photos; mostly of her travels and nature. We feel so flattered that she's shared her amazing eye for fashion and corresponding photos with us! :)

@_cuddlefish_ instagram Autumn photo

Thank you, Jacqueline! <3

XOX Cherry Velvet

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I am incredibly envious of both collections!

November 13, 2019 at 14:01pm

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