A Blast From The Past: Atomic Attire

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We simply wouldn't have “Retro Class with Modern Sass”, if we didn't recognize how inspired we are by Mid-Century Modern (MCM) design! This post-war movement was popularized between 1945-1969 and is characterized by simple, sleek lines with an uncluttered, minimalist aesthetic. As you can tell, it is still celebrated today!

Here at Cherry Velvet, we are definitely drawn to the kitschy, fun designs and colourful palettes of the Atomic Era, which coincided with the rise of MCM.

Atomic era barkcloth designs

Why was it called The Atomic Era? Around the 1950s, nuclear power and space exploration had quickly become household phrases, and the world was excited about this new kind of energy. It symbolized the potential our future held and everyone was obsessed. And so, this era produced bright, cheery designs; demonstrating the positive outlook the world had at the time.

From fashion design to transportation, Atomic was the way!

Atomic era fashion and car design

Cherry Velvet's Atomic Necklace Sets

So let's come back to the future! – Some of our most MCM items at Cherry Velvet are our handmade necklace sets, custom designed by local jeweller, Mirror Mirror Bijoux. From their galactic sparkle to their scientific-inspired design, these glass bead beauties definitely echo that Atomic appeal.

Atomic necklaces by Mirror Mirror Bijoux
Royal Atomic Set | Black Atomic Set | Rainbow Atomic Set | Atomic Tiffany Set

Now, we would be remiss to ignore a few of our most stellar prints!

Below are a few of our favourite MCM prints in our latest collection - Paired with our aptly named necklace sets. From jewellery to dresses, these looks are out of this world 😉:

Brooke in “Love Triangle”

Brooke dress in Love Triangle

With its uncomplicated illustrations, geometry theme and contrasting colours, this fun print is a great example of the simple, clean drawings popular in comics and cartoons at the time.

Norma in “Kitschy Cocktails” & “High Spirits”

Norma dress in Kitschy Cocktails

Norma dress in High Spirits

Which brings us to these next looks! These Kitschy-cool prints fully embodies the lighthearted, playful vibe of the period. Times were booming, so people were living it up! If Mad Men taught us anything, it's that Happy Hour meant all hours

Doris in “Pickup Sticks”

Doris dress in Pickup Sticks

Our newest dress to touch down on earth, this print features straight lines and subtle dots, against a tidy black background. It deftly illustrates the stark, yet striking impact this minimalist style can have!

What a fascinating and optimistic time in our history, don't you think? Suffice to say, this aesthetic has had and continues to have such an significant impact in our culture and it's such a testament to the hopes and dreams we have for our future. We love it!

So, how does the Retro culture inspire you? Tell us in the comments!

XOX Cherry Velvet


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Terri Karam Willett

Your prints and designs have quickly made Cherry Velvet the majority of my wardrobe choices! I love my growing collection and can’t wait to see what the future holds! 💜

July 20, 2020 at 13:30pm

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