A Library of Dress Designs: Chapter "B"

Join us as we continue our pictorial history of over 12 years of Cherry Velvet dresses, this chapter all about names starting with the letter "B".


The Barbara was the second dress style we ever made in 2011. It was named after a former Cherry Velvet employee, Barb Wilkins. The Barbara came in a whole range of prints with contrast banding around the neck and sleeves. Can you pick out which prints were the most popular?*

Cherry Velvet prints for the Barbara Dress


Cherry Velvet Barbara Dress


Betsy debuted in the Summer of 2016. Another employee Dawn modeled these for us as well as Charlotte Doering at our Hycroft Manor shoot.

Cherry Velvet Betsy Dress

 Cherry Velvet Betsy dress


The Bianca dress named after our model, Bianca Bombshell, was the wiggle dress version of the wingbust Elly dress. The wingbust style was popularized by a designer named Alfred Shaheen in the 1950's. It's a name used to describe the petal or wing shaped accents on the dress bodice. 

Cherry velvet Bianca Dress


Our most popular dress of all time is also the one that we made the most of by far, is the Brigitte dress. Named after the gorgeous starlet, Brigitte Bardot, she was first released in the Spring of 2013. The following is only a small selection of the prints that were made in the Brigitte dress. This first image is of Model Elly Mayday photographed by Pin-up Perfection Photography.

Elly Mayday models a Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

 Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress

Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

 Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress


The Brooke dress is a really special dress with a full-circle skirt. She needs the most fabric of all our designs, taking a whopping 4 yards of fabric in some of the bigger sizes. This photo is from our January of 2013 Hycroft Manor photo shoot.

Cherry Velvet Brooke dress

Cherry Velvet Brooke dressCherry Velvet Brooke dressCherry Velvet Brooke dress Cherry Velvet Brooke dress

More exciting 'C' dresses to see next week...

XOX Cherry Velvet

*P.S. The most popular prints for the Barbara were "Good Luck Tattoo" and "Polka Party", although once we introduced the Sugar Skulls, that one quickly  became the most popular print for the Barbara dress.