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  • A Year Of Magic with Cherry Velvet

    Published May 15 2020 in Body Positive, Cherry Velvet, Customer Appreciation, Employee Appreciation, Staff, staff updates, Vintage Inspired

    Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a magical year here at Cherry Velvet, and I couldn't be happier to be where I am. It's such a blessing to work in a place where I can express myself and share my joie de vivre. I once worked in a place that told me I should wear 1 colour at a time, that maybe I could try wearing "less patterns". Fast forward and now I'm surrounded by a rainbow of colours, self expression and most of all, joy.

    TP Doris Royal Roses
    Tracy wears The Doris in Royal Roses

    Long before I joined this team, I struggled with depression and body dysmorphia. For years, I did my best to love my curves, 

    Tracy Po old photo

    but I became very aware of the lack of clothing that loved my curves back. Disillusioned by modern fashion, I turned to the wonderful world of Retro/Pin-Up fashion...

    Years later, destiny would walk me through the doors of a place I wished I had found so many years ago. 

    Working here is like working in Disneyland; every new print, every new dress...there's magic for everyone. :) It's SO fun to pour over the swatches and discuss what's to come. I love that not only do our dresses love curves, they encourage them! 

    TP Doris Royal Roses

    I would be remiss if I didn't reminisce about my favourite thing to do here - I absolutely love connecting with our customers during personal shopping appointments and studio shops (sadly on hiatus at this time). Helping our customers find their dress(es) is so undeniably fulfilling, I live for those happy twirls in front of the mirror! :)

    As I continue on this journey, I reflect about how much I've grown here - In this short while, my energetic, positive personality has been more than welcomed and I'm so motivated by the strong women I'm surrounded by every day (Diane, Julia and so many of our wonderful customers). I love motivating our team, and I love sharing everyone's excitement for every dress we release. 

    TP Doris Royal Roses

    I look forward to continuing my Reign of Sunshine here :)


    - Tracy

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  • Logan's Cherry-versary!

    Published May 01 2020 in Cherry Velvet, Customer Appreciation, gratitude, Staff, Thank you

    While sitting in our abodes in the past few weeks, (hopefully) dressed in our favourite frocks, we've had plenty of time to think. And although there is much to think about - like what you can name this new print at Cherry Velvet, or what to wear for your Netflix-on-the-couch date - there is also, in many of us, a new appreciation for what's most important in our lives.

    As a business owner, a big part of my life is this company I've spent so many years building and so I find myself filled with gratitude for so many things right now.

    In this moment, the number one object of my appreciation is certainly my staff. These swell folks have supported our business and myself through with their strength and positivity - creating wonderful posts, colouring pages, contests, and promoting the Cherry Velvet sweetness in so many different ways.

    Thank you, Logan, Tracy and Julia! ❤️

    Logan, Tracy, Julia and Diane out for lunch
    The gang, currently not as physically tight *Photo taken Feb 2020

    This week, it's also Logan's 7 year work anniversary here at Cherry Velvet! I have so much gratitude for him as my longest employee - photographer, art director, creative genius, and official water gallon replacer (check out those guns!). He makes my (business) world go 'round with his fantastic, bright and fun ideas, always being there to fix any problem. He is not only a top-notch employee, but also a top-notch gent with his awesome, thoughtful character. Thank you, Logan, and happy Cherry-versary!

    Logan in Mens Shirt Automotion by Cherry Velvet

    On top of all that, I can't forget how I am so grateful to all of YOU, my Cherry Velvet customers. Whether you're just stunning in your stylish frocks, or being hilarious and witty with your print name suggestions, and really just every time you leave a like and a thoughtful comment on our posts: we truly appreciate each and every one of you! We are so thankful for your support. You are the poof in our crinolines, the sweetness in our cherries, and the very reason we continue to do what we do. Much love to you all! ❤️

    Stay strong and stay dressed!

    XOX Diane

  • Jaunty Julia on the Job

    Published Mar 06 2020 in Cherry Velvet, Fashion, Staff, staff profile, throwback

    When we met Julia, with her passion for art and fashion, we knew she would be a great fit for the Cherry Velvet team. If you've seen our adorable drawings these past few months, they are all hand drawn by her! Julia manages our social media, helps out with graphics... and even modelled for us recently! Today, we've dedicated our blog to her, so read on and learn about our newest member of our fam jam:

    Cherry Velvet Leanne Tropical Birds dress with ukulele

    Julia wears our Leanne dress

    Julia grew up in the south of Brazil; where the heat and rain are plenty and the indoor heating, scarce. She tells tales of the weather - where the temperature in her hometown could reach – gasp – an unimaginable 1°C! (That sound you hear? It's all Canadians laughing.)

    In her teenage years, she experimented with many fashion styles. Most notably, she loved Japanese culture. Inspired by “Tokyo street fashions”, she spent her time combining outfits, sharing them online, and attending meet-ups with other Harajuku lovers. (Here are some old photos for your enjoyment!)

    Julia wearing Japanese Fashion

    Can you find the cherry in one of these pictures?

    She loves fashion, along with all things vintage. She enjoys watching old movies, is a fan of Audrey Hepburn, and can recite the lyrics to (almost) every song in "My Fair Lady" (a useful skill, for sure!)

    Julia wearing vintage

    What about cherries here?

    Aside from her passion for fashion, Julia has always been an avid artist. After many years of drawing, and playing around with Photoshop, it came time to choose what to study. She, unsurprisingly, opted for Graphic Design. Eventually, an opportunity came up at her university, and she decided to come to Canada as part of her studies. She soon realised Canada is too beautiful, too lovely, and too full of opportunity. She simply had to stay!

    Julia has had a variety of jobs here in Canada. She even worked at a chocolate store, where she was encouraged to sample their products to give recommendations to clients (how could she leave that??!) 

    In the end, her passion for fashion, vintage, as well as her skills and education, all seemed to naturally lead her to us. Kismet, if you will.

    Cherry Velvet girls illustrations

    Credit goes to her for all our recent drawings, such as these!

    Her contributions, her wise-beyond-her-years and professional demeanor belie a big personality with a hilarious sense of humour. Her warmth that fits in so well with Cherry Velvet's cheeky mission statement: "Retro Class with Modern Sass". We're absolutely thrilled to have her as part of our world. 

    "Get dressed, jump out of bed and do it best" - The Strokes
    (Julia's fave band.)

    XOX Cherry Velvet


  • The Retro's In The Details

    Published Feb 07 2020 in Accessories, Cherry Velvet, Modern Vintage, Retro, Staff, Style tips, Tips, Vintage

    When wearing our modern vintage frocks, you may be inspired to bring a little more of that old-times-past inspiration into your look. Many of us, in fact, try to dress retro every day. But outside of the perfect dress, we often want an extra detail to give our outfit a definitive mid-century look. And whatever it is, it must fit in our busy routines.

    Like, who's got the time to set their hair in pin curls every day?

    Time travelling devices - time turner, TARDIS, DeLorean

    Unless you have one of these.

    The ideal solution for your daily dose of retro needs to be quick and easy, something you can throw on effortlessly. Luckily, our staff has a few ideas!

    Julia loves giving herself a DIY mani in red for that extra vintage feel. That usually lasts her about a week. Another excellent way is to go get your manicure professionally done in gel polish like Diane, and that small time investment will last you a whole month. Plus, it's a nice little treat to yourself.

    For all your immediate vintage needs, red lips are the way to go! It works well even with clean, neutral make-up. With a quick swipe, you can get much closer to the iconic look of decades past, so make sure to always have one with you! Julia loves the NARS Annabella, Diane is a fan of MAC Russian Red (classic!), and you can even get some authentic vintage shades in gorgeous packaging from Bésame Cosmetics.

    Julia in Angelina Dragonfly In Amber and red lipstick

    Julia wears the Angelina dress in "Dragonfly In Amber", and the Dark Garden necklace and earring set

    Tracy can always be seen wearing black winged eyeliner. We think she may have been born wearing it. She says it's her go-to retro look, and she won't spend a day without it! She uses the Marcelle 2-in-1 Retractable Eyeliner most often, and Diane's favourite is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Once you get the hang of it, it can be done in just a minute or two. After her health issues this past year, Tracy had to re-learn how to apply her eyeliner. If she can do it (twice!), so can you!

    Tracy in the Doris dress in Briar Rose

    Tracy wears the Doris dress in "Briar Rose"

    Even Logan, the lone male in the office, can often be seen sporting vintage accessories. From him, we hear that a nice hat will cover up any bad hair day situation instantly! ;) He got this dapper one at Goorin Brothers, but thrift stores are also a good bet for unique finds.

    Logan in Mens Shirt

    Cherry Velvet's designer, Diane, is always impeccably accessorized. Her signature items (other than Fluevog shoes) are her cat-eye glass frames. It's impossible to not look retro with those on! Diane gets hers at MOSH Framemakers and Clearly. For jewelry, she's often seen in Mirror Mirror Bijoux's retro designs (all handmade here in Vancouver, BC!).

    Diane in Marlene Heaven Scent and Fluevog Shoes

    Diane wears the Marlene dress in "Heaven Scent" and the Dark Mirror Ball necklace and earring set

    There are, of course, many more vintage accessories you can use, but this selection is our staff's usual picks. We hope to have inspired you to get a little more of that retro feeling each day with these easy additions.

    Let us know if you liked this post, and if you'd like to see more tips like this!


    XOX Cherry Velvet