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  • Missing You & What's New!

    Published Jan 12 2021 in #cherryvelvet, #madeincanada, #newarrivals, #pinupdress, #plussize, #shoplocal

    Hey guys this is Diane, I sure miss seeing all of you and being able to chat with you in person. So for just a minute try to imagine you've arrived at our studio and we are hanging out, having a visit! Maybe you'd like to know what’s happening here at Cherry Velvet?

    The next dress that's coming is a brand new style called Jacqueline named after a very lovely customer. There were two long delays and the fabric finally arrived, 3 months late! Then, we had some computer issues which delayed production another few weeks. (yep that's 2020 for you!) So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen very many styles lately, that is why.

    Remember when you lovelies joined in to name the new prints? Well, you will be seeing them soon. The good news is that the new Jacqueline dress is in production now!

    fabric patterns for Cherry Velvet's Jacqueline dress
    All year I search for unique fabrics and this year is no different. I have a lot of beautiful new prints on order. I'm also considering bringing back a few 'past prints' back. What do you think?  Would you like to see one or more of these prints again? If so please weigh in on our Facebook or Instagram post of January 12, we'd love to hear your feedback on these prints. 

    Cherry Velvet fabric prints

    Right now, I’m designing a brand new style that I think you will love. I’m calling it Isobel named after the littlest Cherry Velvet girl. Isobel is the daughter of two very good customers and she has been coming to visit us for many years. She told me she liked coming to Cherry Velvet better than going to Disneyland! True Story! The Isobel dress will be a sundress style with a front zipper, because of all the great feedback we've gotten about our other super popular front zip style, the Marie.

    The littlest Cherry Velvet girl

    I'm dying to show you this vintage travel poster print I've been saving for a dress coming this Spring. While we're not able to travel right now, we can dream about it, right?

    Vintage travel poster printed cotton

    You may notice that we have been putting new zippers in our dresses starting with the Olivia dress. We heard feedback from some of you it was difficult to get zippers done up by yourself. The only way to solve this issue was to change to a new zipper that allowed the attachment of a zipper helper. I'm interested to hear your feedback about this new zipper. It definitely has a different look, it’s more exposed and visible than the invisible zipper that we’ve been using for many years.

    Thank you again to everybody who sent in those wonderful entries for Cherry Cheer. We hope you’ll continue to send us photos of yourself and tag us with #cherryvelvet. We love to see you in your dresses!

    So, please keep in touch and stay strong guys! I miss you!

    Put on something pretty everyday to boost your mood!

    XOX Diane


  • Cherry Cheer Contest Winners!

    Published Jan 08 2021 in #cherrycheer, #cherryvelvet, #contest, #happynewyear2021, #shoplocal, #vintagedress, #winners

    Over the Holidays, we welcomed you to share your Cherry Cheer with us, in the form of pictures of your precious moments in Cherry Velvet style. We tremendously enjoyed seeing your gorgeous photos (and many furry friends), and now we have reached that moment we've all been waiting for.

    Without further are the winners!

    Drum roll please!

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that sent some Cherry Cheer our way over the holidays! It was so delightful to see your posts and you genuinely filled our hearts with cheer and happy smiles.

    Third Place

    Megan in Brooke Acutely Monochrome dress Megan in Brooke Acutely Monochrome dress

    Megan Chambers gets an A for outstanding effort with her clever and beautiful hello to 2021! She'll get to choose one of our new Sophia Shrugs in the colour of her choice.

    Second Place

    Monica in Marie Spot On dress

    Monica Benoit clearly needed to be our second prize winner for braving the chilly Canadian winter! We'll be sending her a beautiful Evergreen Cape to help her keep warm!

    First Place

    Genevieve in Dita Golden Galaxy dress

    How lovely is first prize winner Geneviève Parisé, in her Dita dress and victory rolls, in this beautiful retro black and white photo. Genevieve is the lucky recipient of a Cherry Velvet dress and crinoline of her choice!

    Random gift card draw

    Awarded earlier were our gift card winners, @elizabethkinsey and @kitskt - lucky gals!

    Elizabeth in Norma Love Ink dress kitskt in Norma Red Rose dress

    And of course, all your lovely entries made it very hard to pick the winners! Browsing through the #CherryCheer tag on Instagram and Facebook has been truly fun.

    Plus, we had to make an honorable mention to all the pet friends that made our hearts fuzzy in so many entries ♥️


    Please know we appreciated each and every one of you and your beautiful photos.

    Thank you for spreading the Cherry Cheer and we hope we brought a little fun and excitement to your holiday season too!

    Happy 2021!

    XOX Cherry Velvet

  • Show us your Cherry Cheer!

    Published Dec 10 2020 in #cherrycheer, #cherryvelvet, #contest, #holiday, #shoplocal, #vintagedress

    Extra Extra It's Cherry Cheer Contest Time

    Let's show everyone our Cherry Cheer!

    In my neighbourhood the lights are up and sparkling trees peek through the windows. Now it’s your turn to shine! We’re inviting you all to decorate yourself with your prettiest Cherry Velvet frocks and show us your socially distant holiday spirit.

    Show us your baking, your lights, your trees, and how you are celebrating. We want to see your prettiest eye shadow, your sparkly jewelry, your megawatt smiles and tons o' Cherry Cheer. Be creative, be festive, and share your photos publically on your own social media pages to spread the Cherry Cheer far and wide.

    Yes, there's more! We've got an impressive line up of prizes. First prize is a dress and crinoline of your choice. Second prize is a beautiful Evergreen Cape. Third prize is one of our new Sophia shrugs. Plus there will be random prizes of gift certificates and Cherry Bucks too. There's lots of prizes to go around so get creative and enter often!

    A few tips: Make sure your lighting is good and your dress looks its best. Please no collages, we want to see single photos. As long as you're showing us your holiday cheer pretty much anything goes.*

    Please share your photos using the hashtags #cherrycheer #cherryvelvet

    Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy wearing a green plaid dress

    You've got this! Smile for the camera!! And GO!

    Stay Safe!

    XOX Diane

    *Full contest details on our website here

  • Petites Please

    Published Nov 12 2020 in #bestfit, #cherryvelvet, #madeincanada, #petite, #plussize, #shoplocal

    A customer recently asked me if I would ever consider making dresses for Petites which really surprised me because our dresses already fit many petites very well. Just to clarify a 'Petite' is a woman that is 5"4" and under. The definition of Petite is not about 'size', it's possible to be a small woman and be petite or a plus size and also be petite. We certainly make dresses that fit many types, heights and sizes of women. 

    Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy wearing a printed dress

    As a Petite woman myself, I understand the dilemma of a short woman. In fact this was one of the catalysts for me to begin designing dresses in the first place. Dresses on the rack never did fit me, they were always too long in the waist, which meant that the smallest part on the dress sat right at the fullest part of 'me' (my stomach). When I started designing Cherry Velvet almost 10 years ago, I absolutely made sure the dresses would fit my body. Right?!

    Many of our classic styles sit high on the waist, sometimes also known as a empire waist. The bonus of this empire style cut is that it also gives you more fabric across the tummy and can actually fit taller woman as well. For reference,  we do make also make dresses that fit more traditionally in the waist length for women that are taller.

    But if you're short like me and I know many of you are shorter, (several are 4'10") this is what you need to know. The really important measurement for a petite woman is the waist length. This is measured vertically from the prominent bone where your neck intersects the top of your back straight down to your true waist. Many of our dresses are really quite short waisted and sit right under the bust line which makes them very suitable for petites (Some styles are more suitable than others).

    Sometimes the upper bodice length is too long for petites and this can be remedied by having the strap shortened. If you're concerned about overall length, hemming a dress is the easiest alteration, far easier than waist length. especially in the cotton fabric we use. Any seamstress should be able to do this for you.

    The best Cherry Velvet dress styles for Petites include Brigitte, Doris, Brooke, Chrissy, Olivia, Rhapsody and Marie (in the plus sizesonly for Marie). If you ever need help or advice on fit please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and include your measurements. (instructions here in our fit guide)

    We get asked the question a lot if we ever make custom dresses and the answer is no, nor do we plan to add 'petite' dresses specifically. On a positive note we will continue to vary the cuts of our styles to fit many different body types for as many women as we can and especially woman with the curvy bits we love :)

    XOX Diane