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  • Get to know our models!

    Published Oct 20 2022 in #pinupgirl, #plussizepinup, models, pinup, pinupmodel

    If you've been following us for a while you may have noticed a few lovely new faces modeling our dresses. So we figured why not put them in the spotlight with an introduction?

    Fun fact; All three of these babes are mama's! Proving that living your best pin-up life doesn't just have to be a day dream after having kids. You are stunning, worthy and absolutely deserve to shine.

    Now let's meet these ladies...

    La Toya

    La Toya captured us with her bright eyes, gorgeous smile and irresistible dimples.

    But she's also a complete power house! A single mom of 3 currently battling long Covid & Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome but not letting anything get in the way of her goals. La Toya is the owner of Go2Girl Services which she started after fleeing an abusive relationship. Her business has won numerous awards including the 2022 Small Business of the Year and the 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the year. La Toya is a lover of musicals,  all things pink and has a soft spot for dogs. She's also a self-proclaimed Aladdin and Jack Sparrow fanatic (she even has tattoos of the genie and captain!)

    We look forward to more photoshoots with this brave beauty!


    Miss Rebecca Rouge

    Who's that gal with the fierce red locks, adorable freckles and killer smile? Why it's Miss Rebecca Rouge! This babe is a single mama of 3 boys, which makes her a superhero in our book! She has a penchant for thrifting, especially for vintage sewing machines and cameras. Her youngest (age 7) loves picking out her dresses to wear, and he has plenty of choice in the wardrobe department too, as she owns over 80 pairs of heels and 2 dresses for every pair! We love a personal stylist!

    Her beauty secret is that she uses a red liquid matte lipstick in her eyebrows every day so that it matches her hair.


    Cherry Lee Lewis

    Snow White's got nothing on this raven haired bombshell! Melanie, aka Cherry Lee Lewis is a mom to an adorable baby boy and a professional event planner, having worked on over 1000 events. This crafty queen loves to sew costumes for pin-up pageants, photo shoots and of course, Halloween! She's a big Elvis fan and even got engaged at Graceland. Her favourite place in the world is New Orleans. Mmmm beignets!


    Are you interested in modeling for us and located in the Greater Vancouver area? We are always keeping our eyes peeled for new models for our photoshoots.

    Fill out the form here and don't forget to send us your photo's!

  • Pucker Up! Kerosene’s Guide to Red Lipstick.

    Published Aug 11 2022 in #beauty, #cherryvelvet, #makeup, #makeupaddict, #makeuptutorial, #pinup, #pinupmakeup, #pinupstyle, #redlipstick, #retroglam, #selfcare, #styletips

    Glamorous and timeless, red lipstick is a staple when it comes to that perfect pin-up pout.
    You may read this thinking it doesn’t suit you, but let me tell you, you’re wrong.
    There’s a red out there for everyone and once you find it just watch your confidence grow. Whether you are attending a special event or want to add a touch of chic to your every day look. A red lip never goes out of style!

    Model Kerosene Deluxe in red lipstick


    There are many different shades out there but a red with blue undertones is the most universally flattering. Did you know that it even makes your teeth and eye whites look brighter? No wonder this was the go to choice for all those old Hollywood starlets...
    If you are a warmer or deeper skin tone you’ll look fabulous in an orange toned or burgundy red too!

    With so many different textures and formulas out there the choice can be overwhelming. These are my personal top picks with something there for all budgets and preferences.

    Kerosene's top picks for red lipstick

    What to pick?:

    Matte Liquid Lipsticks are perfect for days where you need your pout to last. They are often transfer and smudge proof and won’t need to be reapplied frequently. A lip liner is optional but not necessary but starting with a smooth, well hydrated base is definitely key since this formula can be a bit drying.
    Prep your lips with a lip scrub and light layer of chapstick about 30 minutes before wearing. 

    Red lipstick application in stages

    Cream or Satin formulas are your classics and give you a gorgeous pillowy pout. They do require a few more steps to get it just right. Lip liner in a matching shade is a must here for a defined shape and to prevent your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ into fine lines. Start by lightly sketching out your lip line and then dab on the red of your choice. For a longer lasting effect you can use the pencil to fill in the entire lip before applying your lipstick. Finish by blotting with a tissue and tidying up those edges for a crisp finish with either the same lip pencil or a small brush with a little bit of foundation on it. Blot down your lips with a tissue to remove excess and make sure you take this one with you in your purse, as you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day!

    Tinted Balm and Glosses will be your go to if you like to keep things casual and easy (but still polished). Perhaps a bold red isn’t really your thing or you like something you can just throw on without even really looking all whilst giving your lips some hydration and shine too. It’s a win win really..

    Model Kerosene shows a sheer tinted balm option by Julie Hewett

    Whatever you go for wear it proudly and you’ll look gorgeous!



  • YOU Oughta be in Pictures!

    Published Jan 21 2022 in #bodypositive, #cherryvelvet, #pinup, #pinupgirl, #plusmodel, #plussize

    pinup style cartoon of model Ruby Roxx on a mint background caption model search

    Calling all curvy gals sized Small to 3X. We're looking for more body positive and ethnically diverse local models within the Vancouver area for photo and video shoots. We are being extra careful with safety protocols in place (masks, social distancing and outdoor locations). You could be featured in our next campaign! 

    Can you believe it? 

    There is a place on our website where we have a model submission form and we are baffled because only 30% of the people remember to send us their photos with the submission. How can we hire someone without seeing a picture?  Check out our submissions page and don't forget to show us your gorgeous selves!

    pinup style cartoon image of Kerosene Deluxe wearing a pink corset

    So if you'd like to model for us, please fill out our model submissions form here and


    Thank-you and good luck! 

    XOX Cherry Velvet

  • New to Team Cherry: Kerosene Deluxe

    Published Sep 15 2021 in #Aperfect14, #bodypositive, #cherryvelvet, #pinup, #plussizepinup

    How lucky are we to have yet another talented, creative, accomplished woman joining Team Cherry?!! Let's give a warm welcome to the one and only Kerosene Deluxe who is our new Social Media manager for Cherry Velvet!

    Kerosene Deluxe

    Part va-va-va-voom vixen, part activist, part model; this caring bombshell is a triple-threat; and much more than just another pretty face. You may recognize her as an internationally published model. However, she began her career in cosmetology and make-up artistry and is extremely talented in those realms too.

    Diane first met the beautiful Kerosene many years ago at a convention and spotted her unique style that works so well with Cherry Velvet.

    Since then she's been featured in numerous magazines, runway fashion shows, talk shows and music videos. In 2013 she was cast as one of the main models in the award winning documentary 'A Perfect 14'.

    Kerosene Deluxe

    Kerosene is a passionate ambassador in the world of fashion and has taken it upon herself to promote beauty through diversity. With her firm belief in this powerful message she urges people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities to love themselves for who they are. Being a plus size woman; she has relished in the opportunity to shed a light on often ignored issues and share the impact with others who battle them. She has confidently campaigned for people to feel empowered and beautiful. 

    Kerosene Deluxe

    You've been a model for many years, what advice do you have to someone just starting out?

    Be kind and professional, try not to take criticism to heart (I know it can be tough).

    How does it feel to inspire others (like through the A Perfect 14)

    A bit odd at times to be honest but also very humbling. I really don't think I'm all that special so I'm always very moved when people tell me I've inspired them in some kinda way. It's incredibly motivating.

    What are your views on beauty?

    Beauty is subjective and can be found everywhere. It's unfortunate that we still only promote a certain standard of beauty. Representation is so important and thankfully we are seeing more folks out there being unapologetically themselves and putting themselves out there. Beauty is diversity.

    What are your top three makeup recommendations?

    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Dior Lip glow and false lashes from True Fiction Cosmetics

    Kerosene Deluxe

    What or who has inspired your style or look ?

    A whole hodgepodge of people and things! Mae West, Maila Nurmi, Tura Satana, Marlene Dietrich with a little bit of Punk Rock, Kitsch culture and Witchcraft mixed in.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    I'm either the comfy/casual suburban wife the neighborhood kids think might be a witch or a dark glamorous bombshell. Think horror or band shirts with yoga pants or corsets with tight dresses.

    Do you have any hidden talents?

    Not 'hidden' perse but I was a professional makeup artist for 18 years (retired now), I can also do various Pokémon impressions.

    And lastly, what is your favorite Cherry Velvet dress?

    I LOVE the Norma, it fits me perfectly as a petite plus size! And I love the plunge neckline. It's the perfect fit for me. (We totally agree!)

    Kerosene Deluxe
    We're thrilled to share in this journey with Kerosene to promote beauty through diversity. Her campaign to empower others to feel beautiful in their own way certainty aligns with ours and we look forward to a long and happy collaboration in fashion, style and all things Cherry! 

    Welcome Kerosene!

    XOX Cherry Velvet!

  • New to Team Cherry: April!

    Published Sep 09 2021 in #cherryvelvet, #cottondresses, #madeincanada, #petite, #pinup

    We thought it would be fun to share an interview with our newest team member. Introducing our adorable new Graphic Designer, April, who recently joined us in August. You may recognize her cotton-candy tresses and bubbly smile as she recently appeared on the scene modeling the newest dresses on the website and socials.

    April is a breath of fresh air with her optimistic perspective, creative talent and artistic viewpoint.  April will be marrying the love of her life in Scotland next year and we couldn't be more excited for this wee lass. Let's get to know April:

    April Wilson wearing a Cherry Velvet dress

    Who are your style inspirations?

    Life holds so many opportunities for inspiration; as a visual designer it is my passion to consume the physical world, then reflect the interesting bits back in my work. People that inspire me:

    Illustration: Christoph Niemann
    Humanitarian: Elladj Balde
    Persona: Kate McKinnon
    Music: Sofi Tukker

    What would people find unexpected about you?

    I have a background in interior design and I love renovating. I don't shy away from the bigger jobs including flooring, plumbing, and minor electrical, I just need a ladder as I'm only 5'2".

    April Wilson
    You are getting married to a Scotsman! Do you have a favorite Scottish saying you've picked up?

    I could not believe the first time car park came out of my mouth, and I definately have adopted Oi rather they Hey!

    How would you describe your personal style?

    My at-home style is 'sport-metal' heavily influenced by Lululemon, self-made tie-dye oversized hoodies and my fiancé's random 70's - 90's band T-shirts.

    My going-out-in-public style is Power Feminine. This outfit hinges on how much walking needs to happen. I love pairing a straight leg one piece jump suit with chunky platform shoes or bad-ass stilettos. But we better be taking an Uber right to the door!

    Do you have any hidden talents?

    I'm a mom.. so obviously I can read minds.

    Five things you can’t live without?

    My family (quietly minding their own business while do what I do.)
    Good Music always manages to inspire or lift me out of a funk.
    The Adobe Suite, and my computer for that matter because ART=LIFE.
    Opinions of the very few (you know who you are) “Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu
    Food and Water.. isn't that obvious?

    April Wilson
    And lastly, what is your favorite Cherry Velvet dress?

    The Molecular Magic with the cutie black shrug is amazing. I feel like I'm going to my first year at Hogwarts.

    April Wilson We're so happy to have this lovely, creative girl working with us! Please feel free to say hi to her on our social posts!

    XOX Cherry Velvet

  • A Library of Dress designs: Chapter "S" ~ Part 2

    Published Jul 13 2021 in #canadianfashion, #cherryvelvet, #madeincanada, #pinup, #pinupdress, #plus

    Welcome back to part 2 of the sassy, sexy "S" dresses. We hope you are enjoying a look back at these feisty frocks designed to fit and flatter your curves.


    Diane introduced Sophia to give a little extra va-va-voom to your style (à la Sophia Loren). This fetching party dress appeared in fall of 2012 with flirty peek-a-boo shoulders, a sweetheart neckline, three quarter sleeves and a beautiful full skirt that was lovely with a crinoline. This one was especially flattering for a fuller bust and only made once. The Sophia dress debuted at our Save-On Meats photo shoot, don't you love the nostalgic, retro diner vibe?
    Cherry Velvet Sophia dress

     Cherry Velvet Sophia dress


    The Stacy dress was first conceptualized in 2014 and from the beginning was designed to be made for striped fabric. If you look closely at the pattern, you can see how Diane planned it to be compatible with stripes which are notoriously difficult to match up and look good. The first sketch is the original design with cap sleeves.

    Cherry Velvet Stacy Stripe dressBy the time Stacy was produced in spring of 2019 the design was modified to have three-quarter sleeves and was offered in a jaunty banker pin stripe in two colours; Black and Navy. The V-neckline and gathers at the bust added interest while the vertical stripes were slimming (we love that!)

    Cherry Velvet Stacy Stripe dress
    Cherry Velvet Stacy Stripe dress


    Stela was a fabulous party dress introduced for Holiday 2013. She was made in a stretch cotton sateen and her full skirt looked amazing with a crinoline. The scoop neckline was accented with a flirty notched detail. There was a bow at the empire waist and three quarter sleeves with gathers finished off the look.

    Cherry Velvet Stela dress Cherry Velvet Stela dress



    Suzy Sundress was a fun one; this cheeky shorter dress was designed for summer picnics and beach days. The cheerful prints, wide straps and sweetheart neckline were completed with Ric Rac trim around the bodice and pockets for a vintage look. This adorable dress was featured in our unforgettable Retro Road Trip photo shoot.

    Cherry Velvet Suzy Sundress

    Cherry Velvet Suzy Dress

    Cherry Velvet Suzy Dress
    Cherry Velvet Suzy Dress

    Cherry Velvet Suzy Dress

    Revisiting these dresses brings back happy memories of good times at these fun photo shoots. We appreciate being a part of your celebrations and hope our dresses add joy to your events.

    The next exciting installment of our dress archives will be the last one,  T - Z dresses. Stay tuned ...

    XOX Cherry Velvet

  • A Decade of Darling Dresses

    Published Jul 09 2021 in #10yearanniversary, #canadianfashion, #cherryvelvet, #cottondresses, #pinup, #plussizepinup

    Milestones are meant for celebration, and Cherry Velvet is about to reach a big one: 10 years of retro class with modern sass!

    paper dolls in lingerie

    For those of you who’ve followed our brand, you’ve likely heard the Cherry Velvet origin story. Diane Kennedy, our founder and designer, already had a line of beautiful clothing designed to fit modern women’s bodies and lifestyle. She then found herself looking for the perfect dress, and simply couldn’t find it. Being the entrepreneur that she is, Diane decided to start making fabulous dresses that she loved to wear. Cherry Velvet was born in July of 2011.

    Cherry Velvet dress with dog sketch

    There are many constants that have defined our brand over time. Our dresses are made to fit and flatter the female figure, with comfort and eye-catching style. With long-wearing fabrics and handy pockets, they’re also tremendously easy to care for and wear. Of course, there are the prints – Diane scours the internet and finds stunning colours, charming prints, and dazzling patterns.

    We’re also so very proud to be consciously Canadian. Our dresses are designed, sold, and shipped from beautiful British Columbia, and our ethical creation process is a defining element of the company.

    But what’s the most critical part of the chronicles of Cherry Velvet? It couldn’t be more simple – YOU. Our fabulous customers have given life to our dresses. Watching your eyes light up when you find the perfect fit, or seeing your gorgeous smiles in the photos you post and send… That’s why we do what do, and why we’ll keep doing it.

    So let’s celebrate! On July 16, we’ll be releasing three lovely and highly limited designs. Naturally, these anniversary dresses will be our most popular and beloved styles: Norma, Doris, and in a very special return, Elly. The prints are just as colourful and unique as you’d expect.

    Happy 10 year Cherryversary

    We want to take that joy you feel when a new dress arrives and multiply it, so we’ll be adding exclusive swag with each shipment of our special releases. Each anniversary pack will also include a limited edition, numbered paper doll print, to commemorating the occasion. Make sure you order early, because these added goodies will only be available while supplies last.

    Stay tuned and be prepared to want them all!

    XOX Cherry Velvet 

  • A Library of Dress designs: Chapter "P"

    Published Jun 08 2021 in #1950s, #cherryvelvet, #ChristinaHendricks, #cottondresses, #dressdesigns, #JoanHolloway, #madmen, #pinup, #plusmodel

    This week we have positively perfect dresses for you to peruse with names starting with the letter "P". 


    Way back in the Spring of 2013, this special dress joined our collection. Inspired by a home sewing pattern from the fifties, this dress harkens back to a time when we would sew ourselves a dress and show it off it with our best gals on a bike ride and picnic.  The prints were fabulous, the collar was to die for and our signature A-line skirt was a flattering fit for any body.  Oh, and of course we added pockets!!

    Cherry Velvet Paige dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress


    The Peggy dress was a festive frock designed for Holiday 2011. Inspired by the popular show Mad Men and the divine dresses worn by "Joan Holloway" as portrayed by the fabulous, curvy Christina Hendricks. Peggy made the most of a curvy figure with her deep scoop neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and a very full pleated skirt. Can't really explain now why we named this dress the Peggy, really it should have been the Joan dress?

    Cherry Velvet Paige Dress


     Cherry Velvet Peggy Dress

    Cherry Velvet Peggy Dress

    Cherry Velvet Peggy Dress


    The Phoebe was a sweet, summery sundress style with straps and an A-line skirt. She came in only one print and was a very limited edition that was made only once. It was a special order dress created for a company in the US and we made some extra for our store. It came in this playful blue and white lattice print. Cherry Velvet Phoebe Dress


    Named after none other than Priscilla Presley, this was another limited edition dress that was only made once. The neckline and waistband were cut from narrow printed borders at the edge of the fabric. Diane remembers the pattern for this dress was tricky to make because of the constraints of the fabric. We made the skirt in a solid black to go with the printed bodice.

     Cherry Velvet Priscilla Dress

     Cherry Velvet Priscilla Dress

    You can see how daring and different each of these dresses are and why they have become collector's items throughout the years as you have supported the brand and helped us grow.

    We keep these designs fresh for you by making small quantities of each print so you are unlikely to see your dress on someone else.  We see how unique each of you are and we know you want to express your personality with the print that suits your mood in the designs that feel best for your body shape. It is so much fun to create these dresses for you to enjoy. We can't wait to have more new designs for you, soon!

    Signing off until next week's next instalment...

    XOX Cherry Velvet


  • A Library of Dress Designs: Chapter "D"

    Published Mar 18 2021 in #1950s, #cherryvelvet, #dressdesigns, #madeincanada, #pinup, #retrodress

    D is for darling, delightful, decadent, divine... dresses! This post is all about the beautiful designs released with a "D" name. Come continue this journey through Cherry Velvet history with us!


    Named after a darling previous staff member and model, this design was released for the first time way back in 2015. Ironically, we never did get a photo of Danielle, in her namesake dress. However, we'll always remember Danielle fondly anytime we wear one. We once did a photo shoot of the Danielle dress right in Fluevog's Granville store! What a treat that was to have a wonderful selection of shoes on hand to pair with the dresses.

    Cherry Velvet Danielle Dress

    Cherry Velvet Danielle dress

    Cherry Velvet Danielle Dress

    Cherry Velvet Danielle Dress

    Cherry Velvet Danielle Dress


    After many requests for dresses with sleeves and due to the popularity of the Brigitte dress, Diane, our designer, combined those desires into one dreamy dress. You might recognize the back detail from the Brigitte as the neckline in the Daphne. Sometimes, that's how a new dress is born, from customer requests or details re-imagined into a new style. This first image is of our long time model Danielle of the 'Daneille' dress fame, here modeling the Daphne at our Save On Meats photo shoot. The Daphne dress debuted in our Fall 2012 catalog.

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress


    The Dina dress was named after a very lovely lady that was the buyer for a company called Gwynnie Bee. They bought many, many dresses from us over the years for their dress subscription service. The Dina was only released once in Fall 2013. (P.S. it was never made in the Camera Print)

    Cherry Velvet Dina Dress

    Cherry Velvet Daphne Dress


    This iconic dress was named for none other than Dita von Tease herself. It was a design that was directly inspired by a dress that Dita wore. It was originally released in 2 colours in the summer of 2014. And once again in the Fall of 2017 in the Golden Galaxy print with white and gold stars on a black background.  A Cherry Velvet dress inspired by one that Dita Von Tease wore

    Cherry Velvet Dita Dress

    Cherry Velvet Dita Dress

    Cherry Velvet Dita Dress


    Named after 1950's songbird Doris Day, this dress is just as lovely as the lady. With a bustier style top, the details are fabulously flattering and just perfect for the summer, with straps that cover your bra's. She was designed with unique seaming at the bustline to not only emulate a corset but some of the classic Alfred Shaheen styles of the 1950's. You may not realize this but the Doris is actually the exact same cut as the Elly, the only difference is the addition of the 'wings' on her sister dress, the Elly. 

     Cherry Velvet Doris Dress

    Cherry Velvet Doris DressAside from our iconic Cherries and Dots print, there were several wildly popular and often asked about prints in the Doris. One was called Pixel Party....we even made a video game out if it! 

    Cherry Velvet Pixel Party Doris Dress

    Cherry Velvet Pixel Party Doris Dress

    Cherry Velvet Doris Dress

    Cherry Velvet Doris Dress

    Another super popular style was Octopus Garden. A fabric designed by Margot Elena of Tokyo Milk. 

    Cherry Velvet Octopus Garden Doris Dress

     And how could we forget Starmagic? Glow in the Dark dresses are a fan favourite and this was the very first one we made that #glowedinthedark. 

    Cherry Velvet Starmagic Doris Dress

    I hope you've enjoyed this chapter from our dress archives.  Stay tuned for the next library instalment all about the letter "E"!

    (...this is starting to sound like Sesame Street! :)

    XOX Cherry Velvet



  • A Library of Dress Designs: Chapter "B"

    Published Feb 23 2021 in #10yearanniversary, #cherryvelvet, #dressdesigns, #madeincanada, #pinup, #plussize, #retrodress

    Join us as we continue our pictorial history of 10 years of Cherry Velvet dresses, this chapter all about names starting with the letter "B".


    The Barbara was the second dress style we ever made in 2011. It was named after a former Cherry Velvet employee, Barb Wilkins. The Barbara came in a whole range of prints with contrast banding around the neck and sleeves. Can you pick out which prints were the most popular?*

    Cherry Velvet prints for the Barbara Dress


    Cherry Velvet Barbara Dress


    Betsy debuted in the Summer of 2016. Another employee Dawn modeled these for us as well as Charlotte Doering at our Hycroft Manor shoot.

    Cherry Velvet Betsy Dress

     Cherry Velvet Betsy dress


    The Bianca dress named after our model, Bianca Bombshell, was the wiggle dress version of the wingbust Elly dress. The wingbust style was popularized by a designer named Alfred Shaheen in the 1950's. It's a name used to describe the petal or wing shaped accents on the dress bodice. 

    Cherry velvet Bianca Dress


    Our most popular dress of all time is also the one that we made the most of by far, is the Brigitte dress. Named after the gorgeous starlet, Brigitte Bardot, she was first released in the Spring of 2013. The following is only a small selection of the prints that were made in the Brigitte dress. This first image is of Model Elly Mayday photographed by Pin-up Perfection Photography.

    Elly Mayday models a Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

     Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress

    Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

    Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

    Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

     Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress

    Cherry Velvet Brigitte dress


    The Brooke dress is a really special dress with a full-circle skirt. She needs the most fabric of all our designs, taking a whopping 4 yards of fabric in some of the bigger sizes. This photo is from our January of 2013 Hycroft Manor photo shoot.

    Cherry Velvet Brooke dress

    Cherry Velvet Brooke dressCherry Velvet Brooke dressCherry Velvet Brooke dress Cherry Velvet Brooke dress

    More exciting 'C' dresses to see next week...

    XOX Cherry Velvet

    *P.S. The most popular prints for the Barbara were "Good Luck Tattoo" and "Polka Party", although once we introduced the Sugar Skulls, that one quickly  became the most popular print for the Barbara dress.