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  • The Glow (and Glitter!) of Inspiration

    Published Feb 23 2023 in #cherryjewelry, #cherryvelvet, #handmade, #jewelry, #madeincanada

    Have you ever wondered how we dream up the looks you love? While inspiration can come from just about anywhere, one really obvious way to find fresh ideas for our accessory catalogue is to coordinate our jewelry with our dress prints. Our new “secret garden” collection features florals, keys, and birds, and these gorgeous fabrics gave me the idea for a new line of charm-style necklaces.

    Sketches of new Cherry velvet necklace designs
    The design process for these necklaces and earrings began with drawing my ideas out on paper. Then I sat down with Pam from Mirror Mirror Bijoux and combed through her stash of treasures. Together, we choose charms and beads from her boxes, coordinating colours with fabric swatches. It was so much fun making these ideas come to life!

    Each unique and stunning necklace was specifically designed alongside one of our beautiful prints, but was also created to be striking and lovely in its own right. We want you to enjoy wearing your new jewelry with other outfits, too. All our charm sets compliment their inspiration dresses, but we intentionally made them not too "matchy-matchy".

    Secret Garden Necklace Set

    Cherry velvet necklace designsDesigned with our Secret Keeper and Petal Perfume dresses in mind, this set sparkles in vibrant shades of violet and fuchsia. Gold highlights on the necklace and matching earrings connect with the bejeweled keys on the print, adding a regal touch to this gorgeously versatile jewelry.

    Love Lock Necklace Set
    Cherry velvet necklace designs
    With its antique-style padlock and keys, this whimsical combination will surely "charm" you! Crystals in pale pink, passionate purple, and brilliant blue were chosen to coordinate with our lovely Aerial Mingle dress, but will also bring out the beautiful colours in so many outfits.

    Peacock Mystique
    Cherry velvet necklace designs
    Just like our Pretty in Plumage dress, this set was made to dazzle! The spectacular hues of peacock feathers are echoed in beads that shimmer with shades of chartreuse and turquoise, grounded with classic black and gold. Whether you wear the set together or choose only the earrings or the necklace to accessorize an outfit, you'll be ready to strut your stuff.

    Cherry Luck Charm
    Cherry velvet necklace designs
    We reached back into the archives to find inspiration for this classic look. Our Good Luck Tattoo print dates back to our first year in business, and this coordinated set is here to reminisce and celebrate ten years of retro class with modern sass! Of course, cherry charms were a must, and are perfectly mixed with a crown, a key, and a horseshoe. Let this sweet necklace serve as a reminder: you're a queen whose good luck allows you to unlock all the best things in life.

    We couldn't wait to release these sparkling sets and the dresses that inspired them. Have a look at all our new necklaces here.

    We love to see your photos and discover all the beautiful outfits you'll create. Remember to tag your photos with #cherryvelvet so we get to see them too!

    XOX Cherry Velvet

  • Sparkle; Canadian Style

    Published Dec 30 2020 in #1950s, #jewelry, #madeincanada, #madeincanadamatters, #rhinestone, #Sherman, #vintage

    If you’re like our designer, Diane, you love to find new ways to show off your favourite Cherry Velvet outfits. Finding the perfect accessory can complete your look and make it feel extra special. Recently, Diane discovered a unique Canadian connection to one of her sparkly fashion finds.

    Cherry Velvet cape with vintage Sherman broochOne day, Diane was browsing at a favourite vintage store when the clerk approached her, full of admiration for the rhinestone brooch Diane was wearing. The enthusiastic clerk told her that the piece was made by Sherman, a Canadian company.

    Sherman vintage rhinestone earring and bracelet set
    Inspired and intrigued, Diane wanted to learn more about this Canadian brand. Founded in Montreal in 1949, G. Sherman & Company Ltd. had a similar goal to Cherry Velvet: making women feel special.

    The founder, Gus Sherman, specialized in the design and production of beautiful costume jewelry, and his work was sold in every corner of Canada. “Jewels of Elegance by Sherman”, his ladies’ collection, offered brooches made from Swarovski crystal in intricate designs and countless colour combinations. With innovative plating techniques and individually hand-set beads, a Sherman brooch was a true reflection of mid-century luxury.

    Sherman vintage rhinestone earring and brooch set in box
    Because of the superior sparkle and craftsmanship of these pieces, Sherman brooches are highly collectable.Sherman vintage rhinestone necklaceMany pieces are marked with the distinctive Sherman name, but supposedly there are unmarked pieces like Diane's brooch. While she may never be 100% sure it's a Sherman, it certainly has the hallmarks of quality and sparkle that Sherman is known for. Vintage costume jewelry buffs enjoy seeking out these special treasures – each one is a unique and valued find.

    Sherman vintage rhinestone necklace and brooch set
    Next time you’re at a vintage store, garage sale or flea market, keep your eyes peeled for one of Sherman’s dazzling treasures. You might find yourself owning a glittering piece of Canada’s fashion history!

    XOX Cherry Velvet



  • A Blast From The Past: Atomic Attire

    Published Jul 17 2020 in atomic, Cherry Velvet, inspiration, jewelry, mid-century modern, Vintage Inspired

    Diane from Cherry Velvet flying on a rocket with a drink

    We simply wouldn't have “Retro Class with Modern Sass”, if we didn't recognize how inspired we are by Mid-Century Modern (MCM) design! This post-war movement was popularized between 1945-1969 and is characterized by simple, sleek lines with an uncluttered, minimalist aesthetic. As you can tell, it is still celebrated today!

    Here at Cherry Velvet, we are definitely drawn to the kitschy, fun designs and colourful palettes of the Atomic Era, which coincided with the rise of MCM.

    Atomic era barkcloth designs

    Why was it called The Atomic Era? Around the 1950s, nuclear power and space exploration had quickly become household phrases, and the world was excited about this new kind of energy. It symbolized the potential our future held and everyone was obsessed. And so, this era produced bright, cheery designs; demonstrating the positive outlook the world had at the time.

    From fashion design to transportation, Atomic was the way!

    Atomic era fashion and car design

    Cherry Velvet's Atomic Necklace Sets

    So let's come back to the future! – Some of our most MCM items at Cherry Velvet are our handmade necklace sets, custom designed by local jeweller, Mirror Mirror Bijoux. From their galactic sparkle to their scientific-inspired design, these glass bead beauties definitely echo that Atomic appeal.

    Atomic necklaces by Mirror Mirror Bijoux
    Royal Atomic Set | Black Atomic Set | Rainbow Atomic Set | Atomic Tiffany Set

    Now, we would be remiss to ignore a few of our most stellar prints!

    Below are a few of our favourite MCM prints in our latest collection - Paired with our aptly named necklace sets. From jewellery to dresses, these looks are out of this world 😉:

    Brooke in “Love Triangle”

    Brooke dress in Love Triangle

    With its uncomplicated illustrations, geometry theme and contrasting colours, this fun print is a great example of the simple, clean drawings popular in comics and cartoons at the time.

    Norma in “Kitschy Cocktails” & “High Spirits”

    Norma dress in Kitschy Cocktails

    Norma dress in High Spirits

    Which brings us to these next looks! These Kitschy-cool prints fully embodies the lighthearted, playful vibe of the period. Times were booming, so people were living it up! If Mad Men taught us anything, it's that Happy Hour meant all hours

    Doris in “Pickup Sticks”

    Doris dress in Pickup Sticks

    Our newest dress to touch down on earth, this print features straight lines and subtle dots, against a tidy black background. It deftly illustrates the stark, yet striking impact this minimalist style can have!

    What a fascinating and optimistic time in our history, don't you think? Suffice to say, this aesthetic has had and continues to have such an significant impact in our culture and it's such a testament to the hopes and dreams we have for our future. We love it!

    So, how does the Retro culture inspire you? Tell us in the comments!

    XOX Cherry Velvet


  • That Gleam In Her Eye...

    Published Jun 28 2019 in Cherry Velvet, Customer Appreciation, Fashion, handmade revolution, jewelry, Made In Canada, what's new

    As a proudly Canadian company, we love working with local brands and businesses that exemplify the level of care & quality that we maintain ourselves.

    ...So...that being said...

    ...have you met Pam? ♥️

    Pam of Mirror Mirror Bijoux

    She's the lovely face & talented hands of Mirror Mirror Bijoux, a well-known local jewellery designer here in Vancouver, BC and an overall entrepreneurial force.

    She also loves our dresses 😘 (She's Team Chrissy!)

    Pam's Closet

    Under MMB, she designs and handmakes vintage-inspired jewellery that echoes old Hollywood glamour. Primarily working in crystal and glass, she adds elegant detail like ethereal finishes that sparkle like the night's sky. 

    She’ll often also incorporate real vintage beads or brooches into her pieces, giving that legit Vintage vibe.

    Mercury glass Tiffany Atomic Necklaces

    CV Aficionados will be quite familiar with her & MMB, we not only carry her jewellery, including exclusive pieces, but she sometimes drops by our events...

    ...and often pops in to collaborate with our designer, on the next beautiful baubles to go with our dresses. 

    Whenever they meet, they pour over a multitude of beads and pendants, to create complementary pieces that add versatility and flair to our clients' wardrobe. 
    Amethyst Sparkle WIP

    Amethyst Sparkle

    Recently, she's branched out to save us all from the worst thing imaginable...A bad hair day!
    Have you tried a Great Hair Day Turband? We have!

    White Turband

    They're easy-to-wear, insta-wow accessories for those days when a ponytail or plain ol' hat simply won't do.

    Want to try one? Pam will be on hand at our next studio shop weekend @ 1635 Powell Street with a variety to try!  

    Friday :: July 5th :: 2pm-7pm 
    Saturday :: July 6th :: 11am-5pm 

    We hope you enjoyed this little spotlight on one of our favourite local entrepreneurs.
    We think it's so important to support our fellow #womeninbusiness ♥️

    XOX Cherry Velvet


  • Bring on the Bling!

    Published Jan 11 2019 in jewelry, New Arrivals, Pin Up, what's new

    A fabulous necklace or pair of earrings can add just the right finishing touch to any of our vintage-inspired dresses. When that retro style jewelry is handmade right here in beautiful British Columbia, it just makes sense for us to offer it on our website and in our studio. Choose your favourite!

    Signature Sparkle

    It’s no secret that we love cherries. Our new Cherry Bling set celebrates this iconic fruit with a truly delicious dose of glitter. The red version is available now, and the pink and maroon versions will be online soon.

    Hot Stuff

    For a truly “striking” look, check out our Light My Fire necklace. Inspired by matchstick-themed textile prints from the 1940's, the metal pendants and earrings have hand-enameled red tips.

    Captivating Shades of Shimmer

    There’s definitely some magic in our Atomic Lights set. This dazzler captures the eye, reflecting shades of purple, magenta, blue, turquoise, and green.

    Awesome Atomic

    If you keep an eye on our website, you’ll have noticed that many of our models have been wearing our Atomic necklaces. The Black Atomic is infinitely versatile, and we also adore the Burgundy, Hot Pink, and Ruby Red versions. With mid-century modern design and lustrous glass beads, you’ll want them all!

    (If you’re wondering about that adorable bowling fabric, stay tuned... It’s a sneak peek at our upcoming Strikes & Spares dress.)

    Whichever set you choose, remember to snap a photo and tag us on social media – we love to see how you make these pieces your own!

    XOX Cherry Velvet