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  • A Year Of Magic with Cherry Velvet

    Published May 15 2020 in Body Positive, Cherry Velvet, Customer Appreciation, Employee Appreciation, Staff, staff updates, Vintage Inspired

    Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a magical year here at Cherry Velvet, and I couldn't be happier to be where I am. It's such a blessing to work in a place where I can express myself and share my joie de vivre. I once worked in a place that told me I should wear 1 colour at a time, that maybe I could try wearing "less patterns". Fast forward and now I'm surrounded by a rainbow of colours, self expression and most of all, joy.

    TP Doris Royal Roses
    Tracy wears The Doris in Royal Roses

    Long before I joined this team, I struggled with depression and body dysmorphia. For years, I did my best to love my curves, 

    Tracy Po old photo

    but I became very aware of the lack of clothing that loved my curves back. Disillusioned by modern fashion, I turned to the wonderful world of Retro/Pin-Up fashion...

    Years later, destiny would walk me through the doors of a place I wished I had found so many years ago. 

    Working here is like working in Disneyland; every new print, every new dress...there's magic for everyone. :) It's SO fun to pour over the swatches and discuss what's to come. I love that not only do our dresses love curves, they encourage them! 

    TP Doris Royal Roses

    I would be remiss if I didn't reminisce about my favourite thing to do here - I absolutely love connecting with our customers during personal shopping appointments and studio shops (sadly on hiatus at this time). Helping our customers find their dress(es) is so undeniably fulfilling, I live for those happy twirls in front of the mirror! :)

    As I continue on this journey, I reflect about how much I've grown here - In this short while, my energetic, positive personality has been more than welcomed and I'm so motivated by the strong women I'm surrounded by every day (Diane, Julia and so many of our wonderful customers). I love motivating our team, and I love sharing everyone's excitement for every dress we release. 

    TP Doris Royal Roses

    I look forward to continuing my Reign of Sunshine here :)


    - Tracy

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  • Holiday Greetings!

    Published Dec 24 2019 in behind the scenes, Canadian Designer, Canadian Made, Cherry Velvet, Cherry Velvet Dresses, Customer Appreciation, Employee Appreciation, Made In Canada, Made in Vancouver, Thank you, Vancouver-designed, Vintage Inspired, what's new

    It's been another wonderful year, we thank you, all of our beautiful fans and customers for your support. It absolutely fills our hearts with joy to see our customers smiling; our dresses making you feel confident and ready for anything.

    We know none of the success we've shared with you wouldn't be possible without *you*, and to be completely honest, it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without you, either. So, once more, we want to express our great appreciation to you for being on this journey of fabulousness with us. 

    CherryVelvetStaffPhotoWishing you the happiest of holidays, the merriest of Christmases and nothing but the very best for the New Year and beyond.

    XOXO With Love from all of us  Diane, Julia, Logan, and Tracy.

    Cherry Velvet Staff Photo Funny

  • Our Gratitude for Logan Rudrum

    Published Mar 22 2019 in Employee Appreciation

    In any business, there are folks behind the scenes who help make everything work smoothly. Logan Rudrum has been working for the Diane Kennedy and Cherry Velvet brands since 2013, and many people don't know that Logan is often the glue that holds things together. He has brought both a unique history and a positive vibe to our offices.

    Logan Rudrum Creative Director for Cherry Velvet

    Every once and a while, you’re lucky enough to have a co-worker like Logan. He has a diverse background that includes media, film, web design, and music, along with a passion for fitness and nutrition. He’s smart and great at his job, but also compassionate and thoughtful. Logan is an amazing photographer and has a wicked sense of humour. He’s the lone male working in an office of females – and he completely makes it work! He has a healthy respect for everyone around him and is always kind.

    Logan Rudrum Creative Director for Cherry Velvet with model Kristen Faith Meyn

    Most of our photos of Logan are of him behind the action, taking photos for the website and social media platforms that he manages. He always does what it takes to get the best angles! 

    Logan Rudrum Creative Director for Cherry Velvet with model Kristen Faith Meyn

    Logan Rudrum Creative Director for Cherry Velvet

    Logan Rudrum Creative Director for Cherry Velvet with Shimona Henry

    We are excited to announce that Logan will be expanding his role with Cherry Velvet going forward to include a managerial role. His new title is Creative and Brand Director. We can't wait to see him thrive in this new position and we are all looking forward to his new concepts and ideas growing our company.

    We could not be happier for him! 

    The most important thing we want Logan to know is how deeply he is appreciated. He is such an important and integral part of our company it's almost impossible to imagine Cherry Velvet without him.  We truly value his presence and tremendously important contributions to each of us and our company.

    Thank-you Logan and congratulations!

    We ❤️ you!

    XOX from all of us @ Cherry Velvet