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  • Let's Talk Skincare!

    Published Feb 08 2023 in beauty, beauty tips, kerosene deluxe, selfcare, skincare, wellness

    A little while ago Diane and I were driving around post-photoshoot when she brought up some skin woes. Suddenly I’m going on a rambling tangent about skincare before pausing to say ‘Did you know I was a skincare specialist for well over a decade?

    You learn something new about each other every day!

    And indeed, prior to joining Team Cherry I worked in spas and boutiques assisting people with all kinds of skincare needs.

    I’ll preface by saying I’m not a licensed doctor, so please do see a proper dermatologist if you have a serious persisting concern. But if you are looking for some tips to get your skin glowing or find yourself overwhelmed with the abundance of products out there this post might just be for you!

    Be good to your skin, you'll wear it every day for the rest of your life

    Let’s start with determining your skin type first.

    DRY SKIN: Skin might feel tight and appear scaly. Sometimes red and irritated. It can be prone to eczema or dermatitis.

    Dehydrated skin often gets mistaken for dry skin, but both are different and require separate treatments. Dry skin is a skin type vs dehydrated skin which is a skin condition that can affect any skin type (even oily)

    A dry skin type tends to lack oil/lipids vs dehydrated skin which is lacking in water.

    If your skin is looking dull, feeling itchy, your dark circles are looking a little extra rough and fine lines appear a bit deeper than usual then you’ve got yourself some dehydrated skin. This commonly happens during colder climates, when the skin barrier gets damaged, lack of water intake, and even stress.


    How to treat: Both dry OR dehydrated skin benefits greatly from Hyaluronic Acid, preferably in the form of a serum. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally found in the skin. (so nothing scary to worry about) it has the ability to latch onto water and plump these compounds. For example, a teaspoon of Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1.5 gallons of water!  Picture if you will a raisin being plumped back into a juicy grape. Pretty cool right?

    Hyaluronic Acid can benefit any skin type and should ideally be used right after washing your face when your skin is still a little damp. It can be used both day and night.

    Moisturizer: For dry skin look for emollient-rich moisturizers. Nut oils (jojoba, hemp, almond) work great as well as moisturizers containing ceramides. If your skin is dry and feels irritated stay away from heavily fragranced lotions and look for soothing ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal. Dehydrated skin can benefit from oil or gel-based moisturizers. This is up to your preference.

    Make sure to exfoliate the skin approximately twice a week with either a chemical exfoliant (glycolic acid, AHA, or BHA) or a gentle physical exfoliant (but do make sure the scrubby bits are perfectly spherical to avoid micro-tears. Please for all things holy and sacred AVOID St Yves, sugar, crushed nut-based scrubs or rough towels, etc on your face. I’m begging you!


    OILY SKIN: This skin type tends to produce a bit more sebum (natural oils). You tend to be shinier in the face and might be prone to breakouts due to the sebum mixing with dead skin cells and getting trapped in the pores. You can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin but you can certainly take steps to get it under control.

    How to Treat: It’s a myth that oily skin does not need moisturizer. It sure does! Just look for an oil-free, gel-based moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. Aloe Vera and Snail Mucin (yes you read that right) are great soothing ingredients to look for.

    Wash your skin twice a day with a gentle cleanser followed by a toner containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or BHA if you are acne prone. You can get pre-soaked pads for easy usage.

    Do not scrub the skin or be rough with it as this could cause the skin to produce more oil. This is a natural defense to protect the skin barrier, so be gentle.


    NORMAL/COMBINATION SKIN: This skin is overall pretty happy. It might get a little oilier in the T-Zone. The key here is trying to find balance in the skin.

    How to Treat: Use a gentle cleanser such as CeraVe or Cetaphil. If you use makeup or sunscreen it’s recommended to cleanse the skin twice (known as double-cleansing). The first round should be with a cleansing balm or oil, this breaks down makeup. Follow with a gel cleanser to remove any impurities.

    Follow with a gentle BHA toner and antioxidant-rich serum and gel moisturizer.

    You can use a clay mask on the oilier t-zone once or twice a week if needed. I am this skin type myself and will sometimes use a hydrating mark on the dry areas and a clay mask on the oilier parts.


    skincare do's and dont's


    Cleanse using a gentle, preferably fragrance-free cleanser. Don’t splurge on expensive cleansers. No one needs to spend $30 on something you wash off your face within 60 seconds. CeraVe or Cetaphil are great options here. Your skin should be cleansed twice in the evening. If you wear makeup the first round with a cleansing balm or oil to break down the product, and the second round with your gel cleanser.

    Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine. Removing dead skin cells is vital for glowing, radiant skin and allows for optimal absorption of your serums and moisturizers. If you do not exfoliate your products will have a harder time penetrating the skin, which prevents them from doing their job.  Our skin cell turnover slows down with age, so it's important to give it a little hand. Twice a week is plenty. Don't overdo it.

    You may use a chemical/liquid exfoliant (Glycolic Acid, BHA, AHA) or a physical exfoliant (better known as a scrub) but make sure the beads are perfectly spherical. Sugars, coffee, scrub cloths and ground-up seeds (walnut scrubs etc) should never be used on the face. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and LaRoche Posay’s Ultra Fine facial Scrub are good examples of safe options. If you have active acne opt for chemical exfoliants.

    Serums are more concentrated than moisturizers and therefore the best at targeting specific concerns such as aging.

    Truthfully many products promising more youthful skin are not completely truthful or effective long-term. Retinol (Vitamin A) is one of the few ingredients proven to work against signs of aging. Retinol should be used at night only and not combined with a chemical exfoliant prior (use one or the other), it’s important to gradually build up a tolerance to this particular ingredient to avoid skin reactions. I’d recommend using this serum 3 to 4x a week. Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid based serums are great for glowing and healthy-looking skin all day, I love these in the AM!

    Sunscreen is vital whether it is sunny out or not. It’s one of if not THE most important step in your skincare routine. It should be used by all skin types and there are various kinds out there to suit everyone so you don’t have to worry about that weird white cast or thick greasy feeling. If you are out in the sun your sunscreen must be reapplied every 2 hours! I personally keep the Derma-E SPF30 Sun Protection Mineral Powder in my purse for easy touch-ups that won't disturb my makeup.


    Some of the best skincare is found at drug stores. Look for the ‘Derm’ brands. These are formulated with science, medicinal ingredients and with the help of dermatologists. This is why in Canada they tend to only be sold where pharmacists are present. Examples include (but are not limited to): LaRoche Posay, Bioderma, Vichy and NeoStrata.

    Just because a brand is heinously expensive, advertised everywhere or celebrity endorsed doesn't make it the best, so don’t be swayed by those who paid the most for ads or the 'celebrity stamp of approval'.

    Remember that the rich and famous have a whole team around them ensuring they look their best 24/7. From private chefs, aestheticians, and personal trainers to plastic surgeons and make-up artists. It’s not realistic to hold yourself to such a standard.


    You’ll experience trials and errors in finding what works for you, but I recommend sticking to your new routine for at least 4 weeks (unless you severely react to your new products, in which case stop using it immediately). Skin can sometimes do a 'purge' when you are new to Vitamin C or Retinol, this will clear so don't worry, but maybe don't start a new regime right before an important event.

    Things will not happen overnight, so be patient, stick to it, and don’t forget to rest and drink water. Skincare is part of healthcare and you deserve to feel your best.


    Good luck!

    xoxo Kerosene Deluxe


  • Pucker Up! Kerosene’s Guide to Red Lipstick.

    Published Aug 11 2022 in #beauty, #cherryvelvet, #makeup, #makeupaddict, #makeuptutorial, #pinup, #pinupmakeup, #pinupstyle, #redlipstick, #retroglam, #selfcare, #styletips

    Glamorous and timeless, red lipstick is a staple when it comes to that perfect pin-up pout.
    You may read this thinking it doesn’t suit you, but let me tell you, you’re wrong.
    There’s a red out there for everyone and once you find it just watch your confidence grow. Whether you are attending a special event or want to add a touch of chic to your every day look. A red lip never goes out of style!

    Model Kerosene Deluxe in red lipstick


    There are many different shades out there but a red with blue undertones is the most universally flattering. Did you know that it even makes your teeth and eye whites look brighter? No wonder this was the go to choice for all those old Hollywood starlets...
    If you are a warmer or deeper skin tone you’ll look fabulous in an orange toned or burgundy red too!

    With so many different textures and formulas out there the choice can be overwhelming. These are my personal top picks with something there for all budgets and preferences.

    Kerosene's top picks for red lipstick

    What to pick?:

    Matte Liquid Lipsticks are perfect for days where you need your pout to last. They are often transfer and smudge proof and won’t need to be reapplied frequently. A lip liner is optional but not necessary but starting with a smooth, well hydrated base is definitely key since this formula can be a bit drying.
    Prep your lips with a lip scrub and light layer of chapstick about 30 minutes before wearing. 

    Red lipstick application in stages

    Cream or Satin formulas are your classics and give you a gorgeous pillowy pout. They do require a few more steps to get it just right. Lip liner in a matching shade is a must here for a defined shape and to prevent your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ into fine lines. Start by lightly sketching out your lip line and then dab on the red of your choice. For a longer lasting effect you can use the pencil to fill in the entire lip before applying your lipstick. Finish by blotting with a tissue and tidying up those edges for a crisp finish with either the same lip pencil or a small brush with a little bit of foundation on it. Blot down your lips with a tissue to remove excess and make sure you take this one with you in your purse, as you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day!

    Tinted Balm and Glosses will be your go to if you like to keep things casual and easy (but still polished). Perhaps a bold red isn’t really your thing or you like something you can just throw on without even really looking all whilst giving your lips some hydration and shine too. It’s a win win really..

    Model Kerosene shows a sheer tinted balm option by Julie Hewett

    Whatever you go for wear it proudly and you’ll look gorgeous!



  • Smokey Eye Tutorial

    Published Oct 21 2021 in #beauty, #eyeshadow, #kerosenedeluxe, #makeup, #makeupaddict, #mua, #smokeyeye

    All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, and while everyone's first thoughts are the costumes there is a small detail that plays a huge part in creating a complete look...The makeup!

    The options are limitless and with so many makeup styles to pick from the choice can be overwhelming. But there has been one look that stood the test of time, the Smokey Eye.

    Louise Brooks 1920's smokey eye
    First gaining popularity on the 1920's big screen, the smokey eye was used for it's density in tone translating well on black & white film. Since then it has been worn on runways, in various subcultures and on a day to day bases for those loving the smoldering look.

    Today's smokey eye has many variations, dark with predominantly black for an edgy look or softer versions using earth tones for day time. We've also seen Halo eyes as a popular option for those wanting to play around with hues and depth.

    But this tutorial is all about a classic smokey eye; super versatile and suitable for so many looks!
    Film Noir, Goth, Pirate or just one hot mysterious mama (or papa) makeup is for all! You can count on this version to look incredible on everyone. And remember, you can substitute the black eye-shadow for softer shades such as mauves or browns if black feels too intimidating. 

    Here's what you need:

    Beauty products to create the smokey eye look

    1.  Eyeshadow primer
    2.  A khol eyeliner pencil (preferably black but you could use a dark brown or deep plum too)
    3.  Eye-shadows (a neutral light shade, a mid tone /bronzer for your
    transition colour and your darkest shade such as black or dark brown)
    4.  Black mascara,
    5.  Brushes (smudger brush, packing brush, fluffy crease brush)
    6.  False eyelashes + lash glue (this step is totally optional)

    Let's get started!


    Steps to create the smokey eye look1: Prep your eyelid with an eye shadow primer (such as Primer Potion by Urban Decay)
    This will ensure longevity, fuller colour saturation and prevent creasing.

    2: Using a soft fluffy crease brush apply a transition shade into the crease. I personally use a matte bronzer but feel free to use any shadow a couple of shades up from your skin tone. A transition shade will help your dark shadow blend seamlessly and less patchy.

    3: Apply a black waterproof eye pencil all over your eyelid. Don't worry if it looks messy, you will smudge it out in the next step. Make sure to work fast as waterproof pencils will set in 30 seconds or so and blending will be super hard after! It's not necessary to use a waterproof pencil, but it does last longer and prevents creasing throughout the day. I used 'Point Made' gel liner pencil from One/Size but use any you like!
    Make sure to colour in between your lashline to avoid 'gaps'.

    4: Time to smudge it all out! Use your 'packing' brush (a flatter, denser brush) to blend the liner all over your lid and towards your crease

    5: Load your packing brush with matte black eye shadow (or any other dark matte colour you prefer. I used 'Black Magic' from True Fiction Cosmetics, an excellent Vancouver brand) and in pressing motions (don't 'sweep' your brush back and forward) apply the shadow over your lid and work it into the crease.

    6: Let's soften those edges. Take a fluffy crease brush and gently buff out the eye shadow in the crease. I suggest small circular motions. Blending is your best friend here! Feel free to add more eye shadow to build your colour saturation. Remember to use 'packing/pressing' motions to apply and buffing to blend.

    7: Line your lower lash and waterline. Then take a small smudging brush and smudge it out.
    Make sure the bottom shadow connects to the top.
    Apply your dark shadow using the same small brush, gently blend.
    TIP: If you are finding your edges too harsh take a clean brush with a powder foundation and gently blend along the edges to diffuse.

    8: Apply black mascara to your bottom and top lashes
    If you want to elevate the look apply fake lashes

    And voila! You are ready to rule the night you mysterious vixen you!

    Model Kerosene Deluxe show us how to create the Smokey Eye

    Bonus Tips:

    ~ I strongly recommend applying your foundation/concealer AFTER doing your eyes. That way any fall out and mess can easily be cleaned up without ruining your base.

    ~ If you want to give it a little extra pizzazz, take a sparkle/glitter eye shadow (liquid or powder) and press in on the center of your eyelid using your finger. This will give the look a bit more depth and some sparkle is always good.

    ~ Always trim the length of your false lashes before applying. If you find falsies uncomfortable try cutting them in half and just wearing a half lash.

    And that's how it's done! We love to hear from you! Please feel free to share our blogs with others on social media and don't forget to comment with your thoughts and suggestions for other tutorials. 

    XOX Kerosene Deluxe