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Published Jun 26 2020 in Cherry Velvet, COVID-19, delays, shipping, update

Have you ever wondered what happens to your order once you have made it on our website? We are here to tell all!

Diane Kennedy shipping orders for Cherry Velvet


Even during these times that require extra care, we are, as always, getting to your orders lickety-split (usually the day after you make it, or the next day).

Once your order is processed, a tracking code is generated - and that is when you receive the email that states your order has been shipped! You may think, "Hooray!", right? But there's still another step: Then, the package leaves our hands and is sent to a packing and sorting facility, where it is officially entered by the carrier into their tracking system. Only then you can start seeing tracking updates.


Of course, everybody is favouring online shopping for safety reasons. Right now, Canada Post is seeing record-high shipments, even over Christmas numbers. They are working in every possible way to meet this demand, with approximately 2 million parcels being delivered daily - triple what is usual for this time of year!

Due to this giant volume being handled by postal facilities, each part of the process once a package leaves our hands can take longer than usual.

You may have noticed that there is a delay between receiving your tracking code and being able to check its status online. That's because our packing facility is faced with a much larger amount of packages than normal, so they're taking longer to enter them into the official tracking system. At this time we recommend waiting at least a week before checking for updates.

After it is entered into the tracking system, every other step of the way is also facing delays, and packages are sometimes being rerouted to help meet demands. That means that once your parcel gets going, it may move much slower, and possibly take much longer to get to you.

You can click here to read Canada Post's official statement about the delays.

We care!

We will continue to process your orders ASAP and provide the best service we can. 

We are all facing unprecedented circumstances, and delivery times have been all over the place - we've been seeing everything between regular deliveries and weeks-long waits! For these reasons, delivery timelines cannot be guaranteed.

At this point, we kindly ask for your patience. Here at Cherry Velvet, we are extra thankful for your continued support, and hope things will start improving soon. 

That feeling when your Cherry Velvet order arrives!

We will, as always, keep you updated, and we hope it feels like Christmas-in-the-summer when your package arrives.

XOX Cherry Velvet


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