Nostalgia, Foliage and Swiss Cheese

Published Feb 11 2021 in #cherryvelvet, #hawaii, #monstera, #palm, #retrodress

I always remember this big bodacious plant in our house when I was growing up in the seventies. I hadn’t given it any thought in years, until a vacation when I visited the Hawaiian Botanical Garden on the Big Isle. It was an experience I’ll never forget. This lush tropical paradise had every houseplant I'd ever seen, growing like a shrub on steroids. And there it was. The Monstera plant from my youth, growing up these massive palm trees. Wow!

Monstera vines growing up palm trees at the Hawaiian Botanical Garden
I’ve never had much inclination to care for indoor plants, but as you know, we’re now spending lots of time at home. And so, a rather large Monstera came home from my favourite garden center one day. It’s got the premium spot by the window right next to where I sit to read or watch TV. Apparently they are very easy to grow and do get quite large. One day, it’ll be that monster monstera that I remember growing up!

monstera leaf
"And what's Swiss Cheese got to do with it?", you might wonder. It's one of the common names of Monstera, given because of the leaves. As they grow, they form holes which eventually split open. Pretty cool!

Cherry Velvet designer Diane Kennedy wearing a Monstera printed dress
Meanwhile I sit in my spot, gazing out at my little garden, with my hummingbird coming to feed right outside my window. I’m enjoying this little corner sanctuary with my newfound time to nurture.

And if you didn’t already recognize it, the Monstera motif is echoed in our Waterfront dress in Palm print. (P.S. they’re on Sale!)

XOX Diane


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