Jaunty Julia on the Job

Published Mar 06 2020 in Cherry Velvet, Fashion, Staff, staff profile, throwback

When we met Julia, with her passion for art and fashion, we knew she would be a great fit for the Cherry Velvet team. If you've seen our adorable drawings these past few months, they are all hand drawn by her! Julia manages our social media, helps out with graphics... and even modelled for us recently! Today, we've dedicated our blog to her, so read on and learn about our newest member of our fam jam:

Cherry Velvet Leanne Tropical Birds dress with ukulele

Julia wears our Leanne dress

Julia grew up in the south of Brazil; where the heat and rain are plenty and the indoor heating, scarce. She tells tales of the weather - where the temperature in her hometown could reach – gasp – an unimaginable 1°C! (That sound you hear? It's all Canadians laughing.)

In her teenage years, she experimented with many fashion styles. Most notably, she loved Japanese culture. Inspired by “Tokyo street fashions”, she spent her time combining outfits, sharing them online, and attending meet-ups with other Harajuku lovers. (Here are some old photos for your enjoyment!)

Julia wearing Japanese Fashion

Can you find the cherry in one of these pictures?

She loves fashion, along with all things vintage. She enjoys watching old movies, is a fan of Audrey Hepburn, and can recite the lyrics to (almost) every song in "My Fair Lady" (a useful skill, for sure!)

Julia wearing vintage

What about cherries here?

Aside from her passion for fashion, Julia has always been an avid artist. After many years of drawing, and playing around with Photoshop, it came time to choose what to study. She, unsurprisingly, opted for Graphic Design. Eventually, an opportunity came up at her university, and she decided to come to Canada as part of her studies. She soon realised Canada is too beautiful, too lovely, and too full of opportunity. She simply had to stay!

Julia has had a variety of jobs here in Canada. She even worked at a chocolate store, where she was encouraged to sample their products to give recommendations to clients (how could she leave that??!) 

In the end, her passion for fashion, vintage, as well as her skills and education, all seemed to naturally lead her to us. Kismet, if you will.

Cherry Velvet girls illustrations

Credit goes to her for all our recent drawings, such as these!

Her contributions, her wise-beyond-her-years and professional demeanor belie a big personality with a hilarious sense of humour. Her warmth that fits in so well with Cherry Velvet's cheeky mission statement: "Retro Class with Modern Sass". We're absolutely thrilled to have her as part of our world. 

"Get dressed, jump out of bed and do it best" - The Strokes
(Julia's fave band.)

XOX Cherry Velvet



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