A Year Of Magic with Cherry Velvet

Published May 15 2020 in Body Positive, Cherry Velvet, Customer Appreciation, Employee Appreciation, Staff, staff updates, Vintage Inspired

Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a magical year here at Cherry Velvet, and I couldn't be happier to be where I am. It's such a blessing to work in a place where I can express myself and share my joie de vivre. I once worked in a place that told me I should wear 1 colour at a time, that maybe I could try wearing "less patterns". Fast forward and now I'm surrounded by a rainbow of colours, self expression and most of all, joy.

TP Doris Royal Roses
Tracy wears The Doris in Royal Roses

Long before I joined this team, I struggled with depression and body dysmorphia. For years, I did my best to love my curves, 

Tracy Po old photo

but I became very aware of the lack of clothing that loved my curves back. Disillusioned by modern fashion, I turned to the wonderful world of Retro/Pin-Up fashion...

Years later, destiny would walk me through the doors of a place I wished I had found so many years ago. 

Working here is like working in Disneyland; every new print, every new dress...there's magic for everyone. :) It's SO fun to pour over the swatches and discuss what's to come. I love that not only do our dresses love curves, they encourage them! 

TP Doris Royal Roses

I would be remiss if I didn't reminisce about my favourite thing to do here - I absolutely love connecting with our customers during personal shopping appointments and studio shops (sadly on hiatus at this time). Helping our customers find their dress(es) is so undeniably fulfilling, I live for those happy twirls in front of the mirror! :)

As I continue on this journey, I reflect about how much I've grown here - In this short while, my energetic, positive personality has been more than welcomed and I'm so motivated by the strong women I'm surrounded by every day (Diane, Julia and so many of our wonderful customers). I love motivating our team, and I love sharing everyone's excitement for every dress we release. 

TP Doris Royal Roses

I look forward to continuing my Reign of Sunshine here :)


- Tracy

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  • Posted by Jane Ferguson on June 04, 2020

    A few years back I discovered your business at a Spring Market….think it was near/on the PNE Fairgrounds. I tried on some dresses, loved them and didn’t buy at the time. But I definitely planned to at some point. My husband builds hot rods and now that we attend car shows I’d like to get a dress for these. The “Paige” style suited me but I don’t see it on the website. Is this a style you don’t make anymore? What other style would you recommend?

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