A Library of Dress Designs: Chapter "C"

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We sure hope you're enjoying looking back at our history of dresses as much as we are enjoying writing it and reminiscing! We got to know so many lovely women in all the photo shoots we did over the years, and it's an honour to share all these stories again.

On to the letter "C"!


The Celeste dress was a one time only design that came out in the Spring of 2014. We designed it especially to accommodate this metallic border printed fabric. To make a border print work, the pattern pieces need to fit sideways on the fabric so that the border runs along the hem of the dress. This style and the Sally dress were the only two styles we ever set up for a border print so far.

Cherry Velvet Celeste Dress

Cherry Velvet Celeste dress


Cherry Velvet Charlotte Dress

The Charlotte was the very first dress Cherry Velvet ever made. You can imagine our excitement in the office when the first shipment of dresses arrived. Even though the caption reads 10 prints, there were actually 14 prints all together, all on the chart below plus the Butterfly print. Only a very small handful was available in some the the prints. What made the Charlotte especially unique was each of the 14 prints had it's own special trim around the 'V' neckline.

Cherry Velvet Charlotte Dress

Cherry Velvet Charlotte Dress

 Cherry Velvet Charlotte dress

Some of you may remember our original studio in Railtown, Vancouver. A customer is modelling the butterfly print that is an all time favourite of our designer Diane's. She still wears this dress to this day.


The Chloe dress made her only appearance in the Fall of 2013. She was a very pretty style with a scallop detail around the neck. Even though the Chloe never came back again, the bodice and fit of this style was the precursor to quite a few other styles like the Brooke and the Olivia. The green colourway modeled by Ruby Roxx was the most limited pattern in this design.

Cherry Velvet Chloe Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chloe dress


Many of you will recognize this classic Cherry Velvet style, it's a design that has been recut many times throughout the years. It was named after our model Chrissy Snow (in this first photo) The mock wrap of the bodice is universally flattering to many figure types and indeed is a style that fits whether you have a larger or a smaller bustline.

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

The Chrissy first appeared in the summer of 2015. She was often cut in a polka dot or a floral print as this design requires a 2 way print. 

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

 Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress

Cherry Velvet Chrissy dress


The Christina dress was the third style we ever made in the Fall of 2011. It had the addition of vintage trim on the collar and cuff. This Kimono Fan print was especially adorable with it's red ric-rac edging.Cherry Velvet Christina Dress

Cherry Velvet Christina Dress

Cherry Velvet Christina Dress


The Colette came out in the Spring of 2014 and again one more time. It was made of cotton sateen with a bit of stretch which lent itself well to this wiggle dress design. Colette's sassy style featured unique cut outs at the shoulder and a cheeky flounce at the hem. 

Cherry Velvet Colette Dress


Cherry Velvet Colette DressI hope you've enjoyed this chapter from our dress archives.  Stay tuned for another chapter next week!

P.S. When the whole library is complete, we'll save it permanently on our website so you can look through it any time. 

XOX Cherry Velvet


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