A Cherry Velvet Love Story

Published Feb 13 2020 in Cherry Velvet, Cherry Velvet dresses, Disney, love, love story, Valentines Day

Love is in the air today and we wanted to share a very special Velvet-ine story that’s near and dear to our hearts here at Cherry Velvet.

You may be familiar with two of our team members here; our long time Art Director/Photographer, Logan and our Marketing Assistant, Tracy. But did you know they met and fell in love among our dresses? It's a tale as old as time! Which makes perfect sense, being a retro brand and all 😉 

Now this is a story of all about how
their lives got flipped, turned upside down
and we'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
and we'll tell you all about how they fell in love, right up in here.
- The Fresh Prince & Princess of Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet Logan Tracy Kate Dress
August 31, 2015. The very 1st picture Logan & Tracy took for our Instagram account - @cherry_velvety :: Dress pictured - Kate in "Black String Theory" (Print sold out)

When Tracy first started here, way back in 2015, they both worked very closely together and it became very clear that Tracy could match Logan’s enthusiasm and positivity. As a marketing team, they shared their creativity and continued making our office a fun work environment to be a part of.

Cherry Velvet Doris Royal Rose Dress Mens Automation Shirt KissTracy wears our Doris Dress in Royal Rose & Logan wears our Charlie Shirt in Automation

As the weekdays went on, they discovered how much they had in common; graphic design, photography, bad puns…and a shared love of all things Disney.

Cherry Velvet Doris Royal Roses Dress Men's Shirt Automation

Tracy recalls the exact moment she fell for Logan -

I was hanging dresses in our showroom and singing “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from the Lion King. Unbeknownst to me, Logan walked past and sang along as he disappeared up the stairs. I couldn’t help but blush and felt my heart beat just a little bit faster. I later found out that Aladdin and Lion King are 2 of his favourite Disney movies and I just about lost it. They were mine, too. 

Logan recalls his “moment” –

She immediately stood out to me. Not in a romantic sense (not at first, anyhow!), but as someone who experienced and went about life differently from anyone I had ever met before. She's such a curious person and she initially asked me lots of questions; questions that I've never been asked before. About my life, goals, ambitions, and our now shared love of Disney! I'm actually thinking it was when I first heard her passionately explain all the many reasons why she loved Disney (for so much more than the films) and why everyone else should, too. That's when I started to fall for her — I loved her energy, it was contagious! She was (and obviously still is) absolutely beautiful, too, so that certainly didn't hurt the situation 😉

After several photoshoots and a Halloween party after work; Christmas came and went.

Cherry Velvet Christmas Party 2015
Christmas Staff Party, 2015 - Tracy wears her Betty - On The Rocks, 2 piece Cherry Velvet outfit (sold out!)

All the while, shy glances and silly jokes continued. Finally, a furtive invite from Tracy to hang out followed by an intense amount of text messaging led to Feb. 1st, 2016 - where they officially went from being coworkers to a couple. ❤️

4 years later, while many profess they could never live AND work with their partner, Logan and Tracy continue living that sweet Cherry Velvet life together, as well as sharing a magical home. Love, like life, always finds a way, and these two certainly exemplify this sentiment.
Cherry Velvet Doris Royal Roses Men's Shirt Automation Heart Sign

We hope you loved hearing about our very own Cherry Velvet love story! Wishing you all a happy and magical Valentine’s Day,

XOXO Cherry Velvet


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